The Shocked Intubation: Definitive Airway Sans Hypotension — Taming the SRU

Not many aspects of Emergency Medicine define our specialty better than resuscitation, and few concepts exemplify resuscitation better than shock and intubation. Yet few words together strike greater fear in the minds of savvy resuscitationists. Not because we cannot deftly manage shock, or because we are anything but hardy intubators, but because the swiftest way… via… Continue Reading

First look snake stuff

Dr Alan Garner has been here before, asking whether we’re asking the wrong questions when we try to measure quality advanced airway care. Here’s a fresh bit of research that adds to the discussion. Unintended consequences would hardly be a new thing in medicine or in any other endeavour. Here is one of my favourite… Continue Reading

Digital intubation!

Just did this (with an assist from the ever-helpful bougie) at NOSM in Thunder Bay, ON cadaver lab — Resuscitation Canada (@Resus_Can) December 28, 2017

Preoxygenation and intubation in ICU

An awaited trial on intubation in ICU. NIV definitely better than NRM for preoxygenation and intubation in ICU (SpO2<80% 16.6% vs 41.3% P=0.006) in @BJAJournals — Lascarrou (@JBLascarrou) December 21, 2017

The Mobius Loop of FOAMEd

Ramped vs Sniffing Position for Intubation in Critically Ill Adults via @WICSBottomLine #FOAMed — Salim R. Rezaie (@srrezaie) November 4, 2017