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PHARM Podcast 188 Being Awake with Mitochondrial Eve

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Goodbye MidazoBlam Goodbye

The art of Ketamine

An Emergency Physician’s dream come true

Sedating kids in strange spots

This post is based on a talk prepared by Dr Andrew Weatherall for the South African Society of Anesthesiologists Congress for 2017 held in Johannesburg. As invited faculty I think when they first offered this the plan was to do sedation in the dental chair. Which I’ve never done. And this is for a refresher […]

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Not Surviving Sedation :Guess what they chose?

Victorian prehospital chemical restraint 2017 update

It’s time for another post on everyone’s favourite drug: ketamine! Hooray! Ok, so this is not entirely about ketamine, but ketamine does come into it. AV paramedics have recently received training to administer IM ketamine to agitated patients as part of a greater focus on paramedic safety when managing these situations(MICA paramedics have had ketamine for […]

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Editors note : I find it surprising given the Australian research published on acute behavioural disturbance and updated guidelines in Queensland and NSW recently, that droperidol is not included in these latest Victorian Ambulance protocols. Why it has not replaced midazolam given its superior safety profile in the research, is baffling. And when its written that mild – moderate agitation can be managed with “a little midazolam”, I would suggest an oral agent is likely just as effective in this situation than a needle.


Chemical restraint should not be lethal injection

PHARM Podcast 164 VerSed gives you Cred in Victoria

sedation drugs

A little bit of this and a little bit of that..

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PHARM Podcast 163 Better Dead than VerSed Or How We ditched Midazoslam in Queensland for chemical restraint


Pronounced VER – SED (propietary name of Midazolam)

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PHARM Podcast 161 Can ketamine kill you?

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From Sedation Death We learn

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IV olanzapine sedation update

The potential role for IV olanzapine was examined in a post last year. The following conclusions were reached: IV olanzapine appears to be safe. IV olanzapine has equal potency compared to IV droperidol and about twice the potency of IV haloperidol. Olanzapine doesn’t affect QT interval or cause torsade de pointes. Two articles were just…

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Surviving Sedation – a cautionary ketamine tale

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Prehospital Ketamine for chemical restraint : A review