Goodbye MidazoBlam Goodbye

Lachlan Parker from @QldAmbulance presenting results of Droperidol vs. Midazolam in ABD mgmt, great data w/drop effective+++. @emupdates — Sam Ainslie (@TheSamAinslie) November 25, 2017

The art of Ketamine

Ketamine for Agitation in the ED ?infographic by MS4 Selina Hamilton during #EMClerkshp #FOAMed #MedED — J. Scott Wieters MD (@EMedCoach) September 9, 2017

Sedating kids in strange spots

This post is based on a talk prepared by Dr Andrew Weatherall for the South African Society of Anesthesiologists Congress for 2017 held in Johannesburg. As invited faculty I think when they first offered this the plan was to do sedation in the dental chair. Which I’ve never done. And this is for a refresher […]… Continue Reading

Victorian prehospital chemical restraint 2017 update

It’s time for another post on everyone’s favourite drug: ketamine! Hooray! Ok, so this is not entirely about ketamine, but ketamine does come into it. AV paramedics have recently received training to administer IM ketamine to agitated patients as part of a greater focus on paramedic safety when managing these situations(MICA paramedics have had ketamine… Continue Reading