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Posts from the ‘ketamine’ Category

PHARM Podcast 201 Ketamine for suicidal ideation

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Ketamine for suicidal patients

Listen to “Episode 8: Ketamine for Suicidal Patients” on Spreaker.

Eternal K Hole of the Spotless Mind

Ketamine for military prehospital analgesia and sedation in combat casualties

Ketamine is the go to drug!

PHARM Podcast 183 When to intubate the Hulk

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Ketamine Sedation for Patients With Acute Behavioral Disturbance During Aeromedical Retrieval: A Retrospective Chart Review


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PHARM Podcast 182 Prehospital Ketamine for Profound Agitation

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The art of Ketamine

An Emergency Physician’s dream come true

PHARM Podcast 175 Battlefield fluid resuscitation in 2017

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PHARM Podcast 174 Battlefield analgesia in 2017

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Motov’s cocktails!

Ketamine : the textbook answer

PHARM Podcast 166 Ketamine and psychiatric aeromedical retrievals

Monitored with ketamine infusion at 80mg/hr

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