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Dont shoot the ambulance

Sucking or blowing?

Sometimes it’s worth wondering if the things we hear, see and feel are quite as we thought they were. Dr Alan Garner has a look at your senses when you get into the chest and wonders whether it’s all as straight forward as we like to think? Let’s start this post by stating right upfront that […]

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An Unexpected Letter and a Lesson About Xenophobia

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Wall oxygen flow testing results

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Cooking with Chards Pt3

I think a savoury smoko would nearly be one of my favourite meals to make. When the crew are in full swing, working their backsides off, they love nothing more than coming in for a delicious, cooked, morning smoko. Now, i’m not sure about you, but here at Chardy Central we don’t have an official…

via Cooking with Chards {Part 3} – Savoury Smoko — Miss Chardy

Outback Toasties recipes

A favourite smoko recipe is Robyn Jenkinson’s Toasties. Robyn was a long time cook on a station up here. An amazing lady who usually cooked for around 25 people each day. Many of the recipes in my trusty cookbook are from Robyn and she gave me so many tips over the years. Sadly Robyn passed…

via Savoury Smoko Recipe: Toasties — Miss Chardy

Pre-hospital transfusion of packed red blood cells in 147 patients from a UK helicopter emergency medical service

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