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Do patients do better with female docs?

PHARM Podcast 163 Better Dead than VerSed Or How We ditched Midazoslam in Queensland for chemical restraint


Pronounced VER – SED (propietary name of Midazolam)

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Uluru from space

Blood by PHEMCast

There is the potential for significant controversy in this month’s episode – and we would really appreciate the feedback of the prehospital community on this one. We have held the ‘no clear fluids’ mantra close to our hearts for most of our prehospital careers. We ‘know’ that giving sea water to our patients, and […]

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Videolaryngoscopy and the search for the Holy Grail

Glottic impersonation – beware out there!

Prehospital ketamine use by paramedics in the Australian Capital Territory

Dont shoot the ambulance

Sucking or blowing?

Sometimes it’s worth wondering if the things we hear, see and feel are quite as we thought they were. Dr Alan Garner has a look at your senses when you get into the chest and wonders whether it’s all as straight forward as we like to think? Let’s start this post by stating right upfront that […]

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An Unexpected Letter and a Lesson About Xenophobia

When DVT ultrasound fails

Wall oxygen flow testing results

The story behind the photo of a doctor crying

Doctor revived after suicide. Here’s what he says

UK trainee anaesthetists under serious stress