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South African disposable VL!

Supraglottic something something

There’s no finesse to putting in a laryngeal mask, right? You just throw it in and it doesn’t matter what it is, yes? Maybe no. A quick look through things supraglottic with Andrew Weatherall. Supraglottic airways are the one bit of airway management that’s a free pass, right? No skill required, do it with your eyes […]

via Simple Moves for Kind of Simple Airways – Supraglottic Techniques — Songs or Stories

Scary epiglottitis!

EZIO and jumping to conclusions

PHARM Podcast 180 What year is this? Intubation checklist year?

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Bougie assisted cric is for humans #ugh

Have your say on Mandatory Reporting!

Difficult Airway Video GameR : the Way of the Vortex

Difficult Airway Algorithm and Rescue Cricothyrotomy (DAARC) Serious Game, to standardize the VA team approach to non-OR airways

Difficult Airway Algorithm and Rescue Cricothyrotomy. The DAARC and Serious Video Game.

Play the DAARC video game here! Best run on Safari browser

Difficult airway video game featuring Vortex Approach!


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The search for the sub$100 VL is over!

Retrieval medicine from Shane

Well this time around we welcome a new contributor. Dr Shane Trevithick is a retrieval doctor with many years experience covering prehospital, interhospital and coordination work when he’s not being an emergency doctor. He’s got a bit on simple systematic approaches that get the job done. One of the exciting things that practicing medicine out of […]

via Simple Systems for Getting Things Done in Retrieval — The Collective

Is there sexism in medicine?

UK Paramedics 2017 draft consensus statement on intubation FOR COMMENT!

The human spirit : 3D printing your own medical gear