Cuffed or uncuffed tubes? — Don’t Forget the Bubbles

Cite this article as: Davis, T. Cuffed or uncuffed tubes?, Don’t Forget the Bubbles, 2018. Available at: debate over uncuffed versus cuffed endotracheal tubes (ETTs) is a long-standing one. In a paper published in Pediatric Anesthesia this week, one paediatric critical care unit has published the results of their experience of introducing cuffed ETTs. Greaney… via… Continue Reading

Drone technology in medical emergencies

How can drone technology help connect people in need with life-saving medical supplies? We're exploring that question on our blog: — National Air and Space Museum (@airandspace) December 16, 2018

Cold Card — Adventure Medic

The Wilderness Medical Society have published a free ‘cut out and keep’-style double sided card, summarising the key elements of hypothermia evaluation and field care for laypersons, trained rescuers and first responders. The full text paper explains its design and evolution, alongside high-resolution printable images of the card. We thought the card might be usefully… via… Continue Reading

Ditch the neck tourniquets!

So, you think ditching backboards was a good idea? Agree….so why do we continue to cause harm with hard collars? Listen to this fresh new FlightBridgeED podcast! — Mike Verkest (@SecondShiftFBE) December 9, 2018

IRIS Cricoid Pressure Trial & Deimplementation (Journal Club) — Nursing Education Network

Journal Club Article: Birenbaum, A., Hajage, D., Roche, S., Ntouba, A., Eurin, M., Cuvillon, P., … & Menut, R. (2018). Effect of Cricoid Pressure Compared With a Sham Procedure in the Rapid Sequence Induction of Anesthesia: The IRIS Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA Surgery. Background: Cricoid pressure or Sellick’s maneuver (first described by Dr. Sellick in… Continue Reading

May the Cricoid Force be with You!

Cricoid force: time to put it to one side? Great editorial and essential reading for all. "The arguments for and against have been covered in a multitude of editorials and reviews but can be summarised in a few lines" 👇 🔓 — Anaesthesia (@Anaes_Journal) December 6, 2018