Living my elective dream in Fiji — Adventure Medic

Dr Millie Wood / FY1 Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust With the world’s population becoming increasingly interconnected, an understanding of global health is an important component of undergraduate medical education. In recognition of this, medical students in the UK are required to undertake an elective placement as part of their bachelor’s degree. Throughout my training… via… Continue Reading

Be Brave

Like my tat says.. — Maureen ferrari (@maureen_ferrari) October 21, 2018 This is another one.. it’s in Hebrew it says “I ask not for a lighter burden, but for broader shoulders “ — Maureen ferrari (@maureen_ferrari) October 21, 2018

Cricoid Continues Confounding!

The use of cricoid pressure during RSI by @EMNerd_ — the EMCrit Crew (@emcrit) October 18, 2018 JC: Cricoid Pressure and RSI, do we still need it? St Emlyn’s — Saint Emlyn's (@stemlyns) October 20, 2018 John Hinds' original talk about cricoid pressure from SMACC. — mike hurley (@m1kehurley) October 18,… Continue Reading

JC: Cricoid Pressure and RSI, do we still need it? St Emlyn’s — St.Emlyn’s

St.Emlyn’s – Emergency Medicine #FOAMed This blog reviews the first large randomised controlled trial of cricoid pressure in emergency patients as published in JAMA Surgery, October 2018. Cricoid pressure is controversial. Although it has been taught in anaesthesia practice, since it’s original description by Sellick1, as an essential requirement when performing RSI, the evidence for… via… Continue Reading

Getting my feminist FIX in New York — Nomadic GP

There was something distinctly different about #FIX18. Walking in to a conference with 95% women felt pretty odd. I was intimidated amongst so many high-heeled, urbanite, overwhelmingly American emergency physicians. This Aussie country GP felt somewhat out of place. It was quite the contrast from the laid back gatherings of my other recent conference experiences.… Continue Reading

Doctored Films – A flying Doctor & film maker!

Hi folks Let me introduce you to a Flying Doctor Colleague of mine, Dr Tim Duncan. He works with me in Mount Isa Royal Flying Doctor Service.He is also a talented film maker and won a couple of film festival prizes. Check out his films and website DOCTOREDFILMS Aboriginal Heart from Tim Duncan on Vimeo.

Nauru: a call for immediate action!

Nauru: a call for immediate action … @sara_townend & Dr Neela Janakiramanan write in #MJAInSight … #KidsOffNauru … … #medtweet … “The failure of successive governments to protect the health of vulnerable children has created a moral vacuum” — MJA (@theMJA) October 18, 2018