Ditch the neck tourniquets!

So, you think ditching backboards was a good idea? Agree….so why do we continue to cause harm with hard collars? Listen to this fresh new FlightBridgeED podcast! https://t.co/kCI0YCh5GE — Mike Verkest (@SecondShiftFBE) December 9, 2018

IRIS Cricoid Pressure Trial & Deimplementation (Journal Club) — Nursing Education Network

Journal Club Article: Birenbaum, A., Hajage, D., Roche, S., Ntouba, A., Eurin, M., Cuvillon, P., … & Menut, R. (2018). Effect of Cricoid Pressure Compared With a Sham Procedure in the Rapid Sequence Induction of Anesthesia: The IRIS Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA Surgery. Background: Cricoid pressure or Sellick’s maneuver (first described by Dr. Sellick in… Continue Reading

May the Cricoid Force be with You!

Cricoid force: time to put it to one side? Great editorial and essential reading for all. "The arguments for and against have been covered in a multitude of editorials and reviews but can be summarised in a few lines" 👇https://t.co/vTVhtQZ1ZY 🔓 pic.twitter.com/MkYraqReBb — Anaesthesia (@Anaes_Journal) December 6, 2018

Human Factors in Anaphylaxis!

The first of the Perioperative Anaphylaxis symposium lectures to go online.Here the brilliant @obidoc talking about Human Factors in periop anaphylaxis. For a novice like me – intriguing. #Frankland18@hypoxicchicken @markbkenny @doctimcookhttps://t.co/Kkb01lgHc9 via @YouTube — Sophie Farooque (@LondonAllergy) December 3, 2018 https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js