PHARM podcast Episode 238 Prehospital care of severe facial trauma

Horse’s hoof v face causing a massive max-fax haemorrhage. “Anyone got any ideas?”#ATACC @ATACCfaculty — Kate Prior 💙 (@doctorwibble) September 4, 2021

Prehospital doctor improves out of hospital traumatic arrest outcomes

Is physician involvement in prehospital #advancedlifesupport associated with increased chance of favorable outcomes after traumatic out-of-hospital #cardiacarrest? #VisualAbstract — JAMASurgery (@JAMASurgery) April 25, 2018

Managing trauma in rural and remote communities

Nice 7min vid: "Managing Trauma in the Community" by @Sunnybrook @SickKidsNews @StMikesHospital and via @ElaineBlau. Pearls: Think TXA & blood early, simplify RSI (ketamine,roc), FAST, manage pain, &more. Worth a watch! @OntarioCollege @SRPCanada @thenosm — Dr. Sarah Newbery (@snewbery1) March 9, 2018