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Kids airway!

No Trace= Wrong PLace

Human factors in airway management

The Shocked Intubation: Definitive Airway Sans Hypotension — Taming the SRU

Not many aspects of Emergency Medicine define our specialty better than resuscitation, and few concepts exemplify resuscitation better than shock and intubation. Yet few words together strike greater fear in the minds of savvy resuscitationists. Not because we cannot deftly manage shock, or because we are anything but hardy intubators, but because the swiftest way…

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Airway update 2018 by Dr Jeff Jarvis

Rapid Sequence Intubation in Traumatic Brain-injured Adults


Prehospital airway study on aspiration

Best Laid Plans — Songs or Stories

Not that long ago there was a whole post on the redesign of the difficult airway trolley at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead. It was pretty popular, but it was sort of missing (at least) one thing. Dr Andrew Weatherall returns with an update. If you build it they will come. Apparently. And they will all share […]

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Airway App is 2yrs old! Read latest update!

Preloaded bougie

This is how I cut the neck by Dr George Kovacs

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When Less is More

When Less is More

When Less is More
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It uses the bougie or it gets the hose

An Airway Nightmare