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Airway management in unstable cervical spine injury

PHARM Podcast 195 Paralytic first intubation – does the end justify the means?

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The Airway Trolley reborn!

This is a slightly different bit of sharing. Dr Andrew Weatherall works at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead where they’ve been quietly working away at a redesign of the difficult airway trolley. Here is the story so far … Middle age is not always kind. You start to look a little tired. Nostril hairs are a […]

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Dr Levitan’s Cadaveric Airway courses in Australia in 2018-19!

Brisbane August 25/26th 2018

Sydney January 21/22nd 2019

Yellowstone / Tetons Advanced Airway Course , June 11-13th, 2018


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Behold the Magic Bag by Jim DuCanto

Airway something something (waves hands in air)

With a couple of new papers landing that touch on the issue of how you provide and measure quality care around airway management, Dr Alan Garner returns to point at big animals that are bad at hiding. Two new airway papers have come across my desk in the last couple of weeks and I now […]

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Midwife does Cric at BBQ, saves life!

Checking expertise in difficult airway situations!

The Kids airway

IntroductionWelcome to one of the newest additions to Taming the SRU, a monthly installment of Air Care topics and pointers. Monthly posts will fall under one of four categories:Core Content: includes key knowledge all flight providers should know”Thoughts from the Front Lines” (TFTFL): interviews with experts in the field of flight med”How on Earth do…

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First look snake stuff

Dr Alan Garner has been here before, asking whether we’re asking the wrong questions when we try to measure quality advanced airway care. Here’s a fresh bit of research that adds to the discussion. Unintended consequences would hardly be a new thing in medicine or in any other endeavour. Here is one of my favourite examples taken […]

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Checklists #ugh

We recommend reading Atul Gawande’s book ‘The Checklist Manifesto’. It’s a well written, fascinating story about the introduction of the WHO Safer Surgery checklist and the impact it had. This link will take you straight to Amazon if you want to buy a copy (other internet retailers exist!!) To understand the how human factors failed […]

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Post Intubation Care

The most realistic cric simulator ever!