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Outback sleepover

Well it is the school holidays which means time for another sleepover. Harry has been hatching a plan with his little friend next door for about 2 weeks. They had it all sorted. Now you know that when I say neighbour it isn’t as simple as walking out the front door and 20 metres across…

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Outback cooking – dessert

We have eaten our way through the whole outback cattle station menu and I feel full just thinking about dessert. I must admit I am not a huge lover of cooking dessert. I do like to eat it though and perhaps that is where the problem lies. So what is your go do dessert recipe? Mine…

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Life on an Outback Cattle station

I was thinking the other day what a very unique way of life we lead up here on an outback cattle station. You see, back in 2001, when I first came up to work in the NT I used to think everyone would love this sort of lifestyle. Why on earth wouldn’t you want to…

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Outback aeromedical marathon mission!

Miss chardys guide to station cooking part-6-dinner-20-beef-dishes

Now onto the main event. Dinner. The crew have been hard at it all day long and now they are ready for a good hearty meal. Remember, they are growing boys and girls and need feeding well. Beware, the skinniest little Jackaroo may well be your biggest eater. Not sure what the hell I am…

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The coolest job in the world!

Miss Chardy’s Guide to Station Cooking – Part 5 – Lunch

Lunch is a pretty easy gig on a station, especially if most of the crew are out and about working away from the homestead. If they are all in then it is a pretty busy day. That is where leftovers come in very handy and such a good way to use them up. If…

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Cooking with Chards Pt3

I think a savoury smoko would nearly be one of my favourite meals to make. When the crew are in full swing, working their backsides off, they love nothing more than coming in for a delicious, cooked, morning smoko. Now, i’m not sure about you, but here at Chardy Central we don’t have an official…

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Miss Chardy’s Guide to Station Cooking: {Part 2} – Breakfast

Every station is going to be a little bit different, so just bear that in mind. Generally, breakfast will have you getting out of bed before the crack of dawn most mornings. You are going to need a reliable alarm and perhaps a back up, you don’t want to sleep in, it isn’t a good…

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Miss Chardy’s Guide to station cooking Part 1 – So you want to be a cook?

I am starting a new segment here on Miss Chardy… all about cooking for a crowd. It will be a regular Friday post. I would love your input. If you have any suggestions, hints and tips, please share them in the comments section here or over on Facebook. I would love to hear from you […]

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