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PHARM Podcast 183 When to intubate the Hulk

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50 yrs since Australian Referendum by Dr Louis Peachey

Why role models matter

ACRRM-RDAA Rural registrar of 2017!

Flying out to help rural communities

PHARM Podcast 182 Prehospital Ketamine for Profound Agitation

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PHARM Podcast 181 The hot months on the PHARM

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Rural & Remote Medicine : the tough stuff

Life doesn’t end outside the city!

PHARM Podcast 179 The Australian Snake Bite Project

Red-Bellied Black Snake in Kowmung River NSW 99kb.jpg
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North Australian stuff that can kill & maim you

This is the vodcast version of a talk I am giving at the Australian College of Dermatology meeting next week. Why am I speaking at a Derm conference? Who knows! My knowledge of skin is superficial at best…. Anyway they wanted to know about things that might kill you in Broome… so humans aside, these…

via Northern Nautical Nasties — Broome Docs

Outback tales from my neck of the woods

Sick kids. It is the pits isn’t it, so scary. I mean, I get worried (and totally freak out) when a jackaroo comes to me with a cut on his eyebrow that needs stitches (may or may not have happened last week) so can you imagine how much it worries me when one of my…

via What happens when your six year old gets sick and town is 5 hours away — Miss Chardy

Rural physicians’ scope of practice on remote islands: A case report of severe pneumonia that required overnight artificial airway management


Full case report here


Make your mark on the world

Be a Better Doctor – Rural Generalism testimonial