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Outback tales from my neck of the woods

Sick kids. It is the pits isn’t it, so scary. I mean, I get worried (and totally freak out) when a jackaroo comes to me with a cut on his eyebrow that needs stitches (may or may not have happened last week) so can you imagine how much it worries me when one of my…

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Rural physicians’ scope of practice on remote islands: A case report of severe pneumonia that required overnight artificial airway management


Full case report here


Make your mark on the world

Be a Better Doctor – Rural Generalism testimonial


Outback Toasties recipes

A favourite smoko recipe is Robyn Jenkinson’s Toasties. Robyn was a long time cook on a station up here. An amazing lady who usually cooked for around 25 people each day. Many of the recipes in my trusty cookbook are from Robyn and she gave me so many tips over the years. Sadly Robyn passed…

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Taking ultrasound to remote communities

She doesnt want a Nespresso for Christmas

The End of the Road — Adventure Medic

Dr Anne Brants / Emergency Physician, Netherlands Dr Isla Madeleine Wormald / ACCS Trainee, UK This article is a brilliant reminder of why expeditions are such a challenging and interesting setting in which to practice medicine. Anna and Isla have done a great job of summarising the lessons to be learned, many of which will ring true to first-time and…

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A message for all rural people as climate warms


Embodying the Three Rs in Fiji


The Remote Bad Stuff — The Collective

Last time Jodie Martin, Flight Nurse extraordinaire dropped by she shared one of our most popular posts ever. Jodie returns with a little on the Top End experience of sepsis. Time for a look at some remote medicine again. CareFlight provides the aeromedical service for the top half of the Northern Territory (NT) in Australia. […]

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Want to Become an Sono Star? — Broome Docs

I have some great news for you all – well those of you who live in Australia anyway. The use of bedside ultrasound has revolutionised the way I practice over the last 10 years. Sonography allows us to provide faster, safer and more timely care. This is especially true in remote and rural locations where…

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PHARM Podcast 143 Now you’re in Tofino with Andrea McGowan

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Queensland Rural Generalist Pathway training

For those interested in Rural Generalist Training but who are not already part of the pathway. Please note that positions in Cairns cannot be guaranteed at present. RGT Postgraduate Entry

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