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A prescription for trouble : physician heal thyself

Just being under investigation is a hazard to your health

PHARM Podcast 195 Paralytic first intubation – does the end justify the means?

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Help protect UK NHS Whistleblowers!

I’ve seen terrible things as a paramedic


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I’ll never Forget

It was an orange summer evening; a warm breeze was blowing outside. I was inside, working, and the little girl I was called to see was barely clinging to life. Her head was swollen, her body bruised all over. Her pupils were so big that her irises were the barest ring of brown around the […]

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I dont remember the call

I don’t remember the call. I know there must have been one. There must have been a paediatric cardiac arrest call put out, otherwise I wouldn’t have attended the ED. I don’t remember it though. I was the ICU registrar on call, and I was in the ED waiting to receive you. I don’t remember […]

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Syria: Letter to Doctors of East Ghouta

Those We carry ! A new community space for sharing and caring

‘Your eyes are windows to the soul,’ I was thinking as I shone a light into your green eyes. They looked wide & innocent. The bruising around them, almost blasphemous. I looked at you – 7 years old, coming back with mum after visiting grandparents. There was a car crash. Mum was fine but […]

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But I am not afraid

The Brow of Justice Podcast 2 How We care For Each Other

Hello there, Eve again. For my second podcast I decided to release a poem I wrote on the same theme, of caring for each other. Resilience is now a buzzword in healthcare. It carries the idea of self-reliance on its shoulders, once again placing the full burden as a caregiver for others and a caregiver…

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Have a heart to help a stranger? Please do!

Bawa-Garba case a setback for all young doctors

Introducing The Brow Of Justice podcast!

my first podcast
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