Respect to privacy in ICU

The main priority of the patients and families who suffer critical illness is recover the state of health, relegating to a second flat in the most of the occasions the emotional welfare, even their own privacy and in many cases, accepting that they can´t choose in their "role" of sick persons. Disease threatens two fundamental… Continue Reading

Towards the humanized and integrative ICU. By Federico Carini — IC-HU PROJECT: HUMANIZING INTENSIVE CARE

In the last Congress of Argentinean Society of Intensive Care Medicine (SATI) held in Salta, there was a gale of news. A difference from previous years, news came not only from classical areas of intensive care such as shock, acute distress respiratory syndrome or sepsis, but we saw the appearance of humanizing intensive care on… via… Continue Reading

JellyBean 044 with Kat Evans and BADEM — LITFL: Life in the Fast Lane Medical Blog Jellybean Two for One Deal. @Kat__Evans shares two interesting stories; #FOAMed in the resource poor world and the BADEM website a very personal story about what happens when your mum gets “proper sick” on the other side of the world. (I know I have had to think about that. Maybe you have too?) It turns…… Continue Reading

Palliative Intensive Care: Why not?

As you know, next May 26th and 27th is taking place in Barcelona the II National Conference on Humanizing Intensive Care.One of the discussion pannel is called “Before and the end” and “Palliative Intensive Care: why not?”, and will be moderated by Dra. Mari Cruz Martín with the speakers Dr. Enric Benito (Coordinator of Palliative…… Continue Reading

Somewhere in La Mancha

Nowadays, that person who haven´t heard about Humanizing Care, is because he/she lives on another planet. I am a nurse. I work at the Hospital General Universitario de Albacete, exactly in Anesthesia and Resuscitation Unit (REA), and as in every ICU, we suffer stress, burn-out and work overload. Stopping and thinking on what we can improve…… Continue Reading