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Ketamine without the K Hole


The Canadians win Twitter…again

Cric training taken to next level!

Doctor-led Air Ambulance service for Northern Ireland is approved

Uluru from space

Blood by PHEMCast

There is the potential for significant controversy in this month’s episode – and we would really appreciate the feedback of the prehospital community on this one. We have held the ‘no clear fluids’ mantra close to our hearts for most of our prehospital careers. We ‘know’ that giving sea water to our patients, and […]

via Episode 16: “Blood” — phemcast

Glottic impersonation – beware out there!

UK trainee anaesthetists under serious stress

Cooking with Chards Pt3

I think a savoury smoko would nearly be one of my favourite meals to make. When the crew are in full swing, working their backsides off, they love nothing more than coming in for a delicious, cooked, morning smoko. Now, i’m not sure about you, but here at Chardy Central we don’t have an official…

via Cooking with Chards {Part 3} – Savoury Smoko — Miss Chardy

Three of my colleagues have killed themselves

Australians Against Trump’s Muslim Ban


DeltaSeven Skills training day

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The Medical Field Must Stop Being Silent On Physician Sex Abuse

Procedural sedation pearls: Ketamine — Don’t Forget the Bubbles

You can keep staring at the 3 year old’s deep eyebrow laceration, desperate to glue it, but you know it needs to be sutured. Now what? Injured or distressed children present us with difficulties in the emergency department. Children experience a more intense physical and emotional reaction to painful or threatening procedures than adults.…

via Procedural sedation pearls: Ketamine — Don’t Forget the Bubbles