Debts by Matthew Lennon

A little poem @theMJA that I wrote as a tribute to the slog that I've seen some of my registrars pull through. "If we look at those who’ve gone before, that our system breaks when it should grow,We have to stop and ask ourselves, how much do we owe?" — Matt Lennon (@mattjlennon) May 28,… Continue Reading

Body art of @katbeefulgenz #tattswecarry

Guests and visitors to the #UGH cafe , we are opening a new gallery section to the establishment, featuring artwork especially body art and tattoos. Images are contributed by clinicians via twitter for open sharing under the banner Creative Commons licence of this blog site (refer to disclaimer and commons license on home page). No… Continue Reading

The Ocean

The Ocean Crashing waves against the pure white sand of the long stretch of beach Fading light He stares along the shoreline and sees her figure slowly making its way towards him He puts more wood on the campfire Their black dog runs ahead of her Comes up to him then runs at a quick… Continue Reading