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PHARM Podcast 173 Awake Cricothyrotomy: A Novel Approach to the Surgical Airway in the Tactical Setting

Control -Cric kit from Pulmodyne, designed by Dr Levitan

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Rapid Sequence Intubation by Intensive Care Flight paramedics of Ambulance Victoria

Yellowstone Airway course June 2017!

Victorian paramedics intubation experience

The Dubbo SALAD

An abominable airway!

the case. a 28 year old male presents to your Emergency Department with a 2-3 week history of increasing neck swelling. He is now spitting out frank purulent discharge from his mouth and reports fevers and night sweats. He reports a rapid increase in neck swelling which is now preventing him from eating a normal diet. His purulent secretions started…

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The Italian Airway Connection – come join in!


PHARM Podcast 157 Oh Cricoid

No intelligent life form was hurt during the taking of this picture ( myself and Nick Chrimes)

No intelligent life form was hurt during the taking of this picture ( myself and Nick Chrimes)

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The Famous Baltimore Airway course coming to Brisbane, January 19-20th 2017!



The Brisbane Airway Course is based upon the world famous Baltimore course but will have 16 specially prepared cadavers so limited places that will book out fast. Therefore register early!

Online registration here!

Course Description: This 2 day cadaveric workshop teaches practical, effective skills and strategies for adult and paediatric intubation that promote patient safety and increase provider confidence. The course combines an enormous amount of airway imaging with cadavers that have been specially prepared to have normal tissue turgor (not embalmed). The net effect is truly unique, visual, and hands-on, real tissue experience.

Topics will include:  Direct Laryngoscopy  Video Laryngoscopy  Fiberoptic Intubation  Nasotracheal Intubation  Paediatric Intubation  Surgical Airways  Rescue Ventilation Devices such as the Laryngeal Mask Airway

Assisting Faculty : Dr Andrew Brainard of TheSharpEnd and Dr Minh Le Cong of The PHARM (this website!)


Brisbane Cadaveric Airway Course, January 2017 with Dr Levitan


An exploration of the views of paramedics regarding airway management


An exploration of the views of paramedics regarding airway management

Prehospital Management of Difficult Airways


“Hot Potato” – Retrieval of adult patient with airway complications in rural ED

Dr. Karel Habig of Sydney HEMS, leads a global panel in the discussion of the retrieval of patient with a difficult airway in a rural ED. The post “Hot Potato” – Retrieval of adult patient with airway complications in rural ED appeared first on Intensive Care Network.

Burns Airway Management by Gatward — Intensive Care Network

Jon Gatward goes through everything you need to know about approaching the airway of a patient with burns. The post Burns Airway Management by Gatward appeared first on Intensive Care Network.

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The Dangerous Little Details

A new bit of research is out looking at paediatric intubation in the prehospital and retrieval setting. Picking it up and turning it this way, that way and all around, here’s Dr Andrew Weatherall.  Advanced prehospital practitioners that I’ve met have some pretty common traits. They are pretty comfortable around things that other people might find […]