“Hot Potato” – Retrieval of adult patient with airway complications in rural ED

Dr. Karel Habig of Sydney HEMS, leads a global panel in the discussion of the retrieval of patient with a difficult airway in a rural ED. The post “Hot Potato” – Retrieval of adult patient with airway complications in rural ED appeared first on Intensive Care Network. http://intensivecarenetwork.com/hot-potato-retrieval-adult-patient-airway-complications-rural-ed/

The Dangerous Little Details

A new bit of research is out looking at paediatric intubation in the prehospital and retrieval setting. Picking it up and turning it this way, that way and all around, here’s Dr Andrew Weatherall.  Advanced prehospital practitioners that I’ve met have some pretty common traits. They are pretty comfortable around things that other people might find… Continue Reading

Straight Talk about Blades and Kids

Some of the more popular posts on this site have been the ones where we vox pop paediatric anaesthetists for their top tips on a topic. The brief is easy: what are the things you most commonly say to people trying to learn this particular skill. Today’s edition – laryngoscopy. So here is a collection of thoughts… Continue Reading

In less than 24hrs, two online airway videos of same thing!

FOLMIVES TECHNIQUE (AURAGAIN + ASCOPE 3): CONTINUOUS VENTILATION AND INT… https://t.co/U2q5D05n1x vía @YouTube — Fibroanestesia (@fibroanestesia) December 11, 2015   EMCrit Wee – Converting a Laryngeal Airway to an Endotracheal Tube while Maintaining Ventilation with Darren Braude https://t.co/tTdZe7Gl1P — Scott Weingart (@emcrit) December 10, 2015

The Critically Ill Airway Course

“What is the Critically Ill Airway course?” you ask. Read this and wonder no more… Multiple skill stations and 12 immersive simulations for critical care practitioners (regardless of specialty) who need to bring airway expertise to the sickest patients. Source: The Critically Ill Airway Course