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Introducing The Brow Of Justice podcast!

my first podcast
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@sccm2018 national conference day 4 highlights by @virenkaul

#SurvivingSepsis Controversies at #CCC47 by @BrowOfJustice

@sccm 2018 conference Day 3 highlights by @virenkaul

Assuring Quality & Safety in Online Tutorials with @pccm_doc by @BrowOfJustice

Twitter, TigerText and Skype with @SICUPharmD by @BrowOfJustice

The Changing Landscape of Communication with @heatherevansmd by @BrowOfJustice

Dr Flavia Machado on #SurvivingSepsis by @BrowOfJustice

SCCM annual conference 2018: Day 2 highlights by @virenkaul

#ThriveICU at SCCM #CCC47 – Part 4 by @BrowOfJustice

#ThriveICU at SCCM #CCC47 – Part 3 by @BrowOfJustice

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#ThriveICU at SCCM #CCC47 – Part 2 by @BrowOfJustice

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Presenting #ThriveICU at SCCM #CCC47 by @BrowOfJustice

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ICU ventilation and airway management 2017

ICU physiology in 1000 words : Fighter pilots