The Critically Ill Airway Course

“What is the Critically Ill Airway course?” you ask. Read this and wonder no more… Multiple skill stations and 12 immersive simulations for critical care practitioners (regardless of specialty) who need to bring airway expertise to the sickest patients. Source: The Critically Ill Airway Course

Synchrony or adicction, by Carles Calaf

It was a summer morning. Those where the heat and humidity of the Mediterranean fall you by your back the first thing in the morning.I had an appoinment with him. Antonio, an anaesthetist and ventilation expert but without the prestige of others, although dozens of residents have learned of his mastery. We knew each other and I…Continue reading “Synchrony or adicction, by Carles Calaf”

Beating Sepsis in South America: What are the challenges? – Flavia Machado

Beating sepsis in Latin America is a serious challenge. Flavia Machado descibes the 5 major issues & how they’re being tackled. The post Beating Sepsis in South America: What are the challenges? – Flavia Machado appeared first on Intensive Care Network.

What we say when we don´t talk

Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.I would like today to share an article published in IntraMed by Dr. Rubén Mayer (only available in Spanish) on non-verbal communication. This is our summary.Our body speaks beyond words.In his book “Nonverbal communication”, Sergio Rulicki defines it as a complement to the words and transmitted language through different channels:…Continue reading “What we say when we don´t talk”

Available the Talk “Humanizing intensive care in the process of dying”

Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.As we promised, here you have the talk in pdf format “Humanizing intensive care in the process of dying” (only available in Spanish) that we recently did at the Hospital Universitario San Juan de Alicante. Don’t miss the videos! They are really good and illustrative.We hope you enjoy it and…Continue reading “Available the Talk “Humanizing intensive care in the process of dying””