Paediatric Sepsis

Prehospital friends: here’s a talk on Sepsis in Children recorded for @SA_Ambulance at @MedSTAR_SA. Definitely some jargon in there, but hope it helps you recognise, assess & stabilise these kids with confidence! — Mardi Steere 🌏 (@mardi_steere) July 18, 2018

Neonatal sepsis

Prehospital friends: here’s a 30min update on Neonatal Sepsis if newborns make you uncomfortable 👶🏽 Recorded for the @MedSTAR_SA @SA_Ambulance team, equally applicable for the @emergencymedke @bad__EM @EMS_Kenya teams too 👍🏻 — Mardi Steere (@mardi_steere) April 29, 2018

The Remote Bad Stuff — The Collective

Last time Jodie Martin, Flight Nurse extraordinaire dropped by she shared one of our most popular posts ever. Jodie returns with a little on the Top End experience of sepsis. Time for a look at some remote medicine again. CareFlight provides the aeromedical service for the top half of the Northern Territory (NT) in Australia. […]… Continue Reading

The echos of World Sepsis Day, by Alberto Del Castillo

Our target in the World Sepsis Day is not the humanization of care of these patients and Posttraumatic syndrome suffered by many of them.Our goal has to be the prevention.  To do this, there are such basic measures of prevention as the following: Vaccinating children protects grandparents Today there are effective vaccines for children, which protect us from the main pathogens.…… Continue Reading