PHARM podcast Episode 234 Welcome to Planet Covid part 1 with Dr David Berger

👇 — Dr David Berger #CovidIsAirborne STOP KILLING HCWs (@YouAreLobbyLud) January 31, 2021

PHARM podcast Episode 233 A study of Online physician harassment by Tricia Pendergrast

I found the length it was!! — Tricia Pendergrast (@traependergrast) January 3, 2021

Retrieval medicine from Shane

Well this time around we welcome a new contributor. Dr Shane Trevithick is a retrieval doctor with many years experience covering prehospital, interhospital and coordination work when he’s not being an emergency doctor. He’s got a bit on simple systematic approaches that get the job done. One of the exciting things that practicing medicine outContinue reading “Retrieval medicine from Shane”

The Thin Red line

There are plenty of times in the land of retrieval (and in some prehospital settings) where you need a little bit more than the simple squeezy cuff gives you. An arterial line. Maybe we could share some tips that work for at least one person with the hope of encouraging people to share theirs. ThisContinue reading “The Thin Red line”

Paediatric Retrieval

When I’m not working in the emergency department, playing with my children or doing DFTB ‘stuff’ I work for the state retrieval service. As the name Adult Retrieval Victoria implies I spend my time moving and coordinating the movement of critically ill or injured adults around the state. There is a dearth of retrieval textbooks… viaContinue reading “Paediatric Retrieval”