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Frozen Lake diving !

A bit of freedive and chill The post Frozen Lake Free Diving appeared first on Adventure Medic.

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Nasal lidocaine for migraines : a followup case report

lidocaine tube

Picture 1

(picture attributed to Mitochondrial Eve @BrowOfJustice)
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Surgery in Nepal

Philippa Hardy / ED Locum Doctor / UK Philippa Hardy is the author of website Escape Medic and is currently working as a locum in ED in preparation for a summer of expeditions. In 2016, she travelled to Nepal, spending time alongside Professors Upendra Devkota and Henry Marsh at the National Institute of Neurological and Allied Sciences…

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#FOAMEd : Have we lost our sense of reality?

Using the undead to prepare for disasters

The case of the dying soldiers by Mike Lauria

Medical simulation on a budget!

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#FOAMEd users global distribution study

The Coping Skills of Women in Medicine

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Oh you’re poison

Venomous snake experts from The Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine are helping the Natural History Museum in London put on a exhibition about venomous creatures from around the globe. The exhibition is called Venom: Kill and Cure and will be on show at the Natural History Museum, London, until 13th May. At up to 3…

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A novel self-treatment technique for cluster headache

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AAGBI Free Quick Reference Handbook for Anaesthesia!

The Brow of Justice Podcast 4 A Story I carry (trigger warning for child abuse and suicide)

Hey, there, it’s Eve. This story took a lot for me to tell. I struggled with it for a long while. I worried that other people would be triggered by it. I worried that some people would be offended. I worried that the message of @thosewecarry would be lost. I tried to tell a different…

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The Brow of Justice Podcast 3 Resilience

Hey, there. Here’s the link to the third podcast. I got busy and distracted, so didn’t toss it out there like I should have. Look, listen to me. You know the phrase: “Physician, heal thyself.” How many of you save other people’s lives all by yourself? I’ll wait. It’s a lie, you see. It’s a lie we’re…

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Flying Death Adder!

Note: The purpose of this site if to provide free open access medical education (FOAMed) in the context of rural and remote health. Though all stories have been inspired by real cases, all identifying details such as names, ages, locations and background descriptions have been thoroughly changed to ensure the absolute privacy of the patients,…

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