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PHARM Podcast 167 London HEMS with Dr Stephen Rashford

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Hand overs

From Our Friends – JoziEM New post released on Hand-overs Read it now: The post [From Our Friends] Hand-Overs appeared first on #badEM.

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A traumatic complication

Brief Case Study 33 year old female presented post Motorbike Accident (MBA) Our patient had been riding on a dirt trail when she lost control of the bike She was wearing a helmet and protective gear. Primary Survey and Initial Imaging Airway Assessment – patent, patient was talking and orientated Breathing Assessment Palpation – normal Symmetrical Air […]

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Emergency medicine : you’re doing it wrong!

Emergency Medicine: You’re Doing It Wrong Julian (@EMedic6) Brings you down to reality…. REMEMBER We are in AFRICA Entering the era of #MacDonaldsMedicine are we still doing things the right way or have we not not been able to keep up with the needs of our patients. Can we expect the lay-person to understand what…

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Hot water immersion v icepacks for treating C fleckeri stings: a randomised controlled trial

Want to build a cric trainer?

Emergency medicine in Malawi

Post by Mulinda Nyirenda and Jo Park-Ross This podcast is an interview with Dr Mulinda Nyirenda and details the current state of Emergency Medicine and pre-hospital services in Malawi, as well as the way forward and Mulinda’s hopes for the future of Malawian EM. I must admit a more than slight bias on the topic of Malawi…

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New Propofology Youtube Channel!

Seriously, just Kalm Down

Following on from my previous post on managing the agitated patient…

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Supernova NODESAT by Master Jose Torres

SuperNova in Use (Simulation) by this EM Doc, NoDesat Device update.

Editor’s note : this nasal mask technique was first described by Master Jim DuCanto using the Oxylator.

PHARM Podcast 166 Ketamine and psychiatric aeromedical retrievals

Monitored with ketamine infusion at 80mg/hr

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Baby’s eyes and the three bears

This is the written post version of a talk by Dr Andrew Weatherall for the South African Society of Anesthesiologists Congress 2017. As invited faculty the organising committee covered registration, accommodation and travel to attend. There are a bunch of ways a talk involving three bears and baby’s eyes could go. I don’t think it’s likely anyone […]

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Surviving in Medicine

Sedating kids in strange spots

This post is based on a talk prepared by Dr Andrew Weatherall for the South African Society of Anesthesiologists Congress for 2017 held in Johannesburg. As invited faculty I think when they first offered this the plan was to do sedation in the dental chair. Which I’ve never done. And this is for a refresher […]

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