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PHARM Podcast 165 The Control Cric system with Dr Richard Levitan

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IV tip!

Macgyver Medicine

So you’re out there somewhere and you really want to do a thing you think might help but you don’t have your standard kit. Can you adopt the lessons of Richard Dean Anderson and improvise? Mel Brown has you covered. Okay, so I am guessing from the title of this post you have a good idea […]

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The toxic mentality of bullying in medicine

Inhalational burn injury tip

PHARM Podcast 164 VerSed gives you Cred in Victoria

sedation drugs

A little bit of this and a little bit of that..

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Do patients do better with female docs?

PHARM Podcast 163 Better Dead than VerSed Or How We ditched Midazoslam in Queensland for chemical restraint


Pronounced VER – SED (propietary name of Midazolam)

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PHARM Podcast 162 Oxford Handbook of Retrieval Medicine

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Did #FOAMEd save my career?

This is the second of three posts I’m writing about my breakdown. In When the Plates Came Crashing Down I talked about how it felt when I broke and as I made my way back to work so in this one I’ll talk about the process of coming to terms with my situation and how I have […]

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PHARM Podcast 161 Can ketamine kill you?

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From Sedation Death We learn

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You dont take plastic?

PHARM Podcast 159 Aeromedical retrieval of the patient with neurodevelopmental condition

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Tribute to Dr Chris Cresswell