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PHARM Podcast 162 Oxford Handbook of Retrieval Medicine

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Did #FOAMEd save my career?

This is the second of three posts I’m writing about my breakdown. In When the Plates Came Crashing Down I talked about how it felt when I broke and as I made my way back to work so in this one I’ll talk about the process of coming to terms with my situation and how I have […]

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PHARM Podcast 161 Can ketamine kill you?

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You dont take plastic?

PHARM Podcast 159 Aeromedical retrieval of the patient with neurodevelopmental condition

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Tribute to Dr Chris Cresswell

Do what you said you were going to do

IV olanzapine sedation update

The potential role for IV olanzapine was examined in a post last year. The following conclusions were reached: IV olanzapine appears to be safe. IV olanzapine has equal potency compared to IV droperidol and about twice the potency of IV haloperidol. Olanzapine doesn’t affect QT interval or cause torsade de pointes. Two articles were just…

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When Airway managers look like an anus

PHARM Podcast 158 My Divorce from SMACC

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Guess who was on Santa’s naughty list?

NSTEMIs that need the cath lab now

Winner of Inaugural #PHARMComp song competition 2016!


Episode 13: The Ventilator — phemcast

Ventilation – a dark art. Difficult to be a master, easy to be average (or terrible)! This is “part 1”, which includes some of the basic (and not very basic) concepts behind ventilation. We recorded over 60 minutes of excellent content with George – we will post more below as soon as it is edited. […]

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PHARM Podcast 157 Oh Cricoid

No intelligent life form was hurt during the taking of this picture ( myself and Nick Chrimes)

No intelligent life form was hurt during the taking of this picture ( myself and Nick Chrimes)

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