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Rural Emergency medicine study guide !


Prehospital emergency hysterotomy : 2 case studies

Two cases of low birth weight infant survival by prehospital emergency hysterotomy

Rural anaesthesia journal club!

This is the second installment of the Rural Anaesthesia Down Under (RADU) Journal Club. In this episode, I am joined by Drs Alex Harris and Melanie Little – both local, fellow Broome GP Anaesthetists. We got together and had a chat about 5 papers covering 4 topics: Perioperative anaphylaxis (the NAP6 Audit) Dose adjustment for spinal…

via Rural Anaesthesia Journal Club: with Alex and Mel — Broome Docs

Removing common uniform stains!

PHARM Podcast 199 When physicians harm

(Trigger warning for content describing sexual assault)

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A Himalayan Elective

Thomas Bennett / 5th Year Medical Student / University of Plymouth Tom wrote the winning entry for our 2017 Adventure Medic Elective Article competition. He penned this piece about his elective in the Himalayan mountains of northern India, where he travelled with the Himalayan Health Exhange. We hope you enjoy reading his lovely, reflective article…

via Competition Winner: An Elective in the Himalayas — Adventure Medic

Anaphylaxis wall chart !


Big trauma in little kids

PHARM Podcast 198 MedEd Confidential series Pt1 with Dr Viren Kaul

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Anaesthetics Anonymous – human in the team


Broken Doctors, Broken Systems by Dr Levi

Something Italian

An original post by Mario Rugna

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@DGlaucomflecken guide to eye consults