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Less walls, more access!



#FOAMEd : Have we lost our sense of reality?

#FOAMEd users global distribution study

Open Access Article EVERY DAY!

#SSAI2017 #FOAMed the Netflix way. Go binge.

Anesthesiologists, its time to get social!

EZIO and jumping to conclusions

Innovations in Educating and Building the Paediatric Theatre Team. The use of Social Media

Stop the intubated patient dying stuff

On-shift simulation in aeromedical operations –making it work.

Here’s the open access article. We love open access
On-shift simulation in aeromedical operations –making it work.

In favour of resilience training

Okay, deep breath…time to come clean… I think resilience is important. There, I’ve said it. But wait, there’s more! Not only do I think it is important, I think we should educate staff to understand what resilience is and help them to become as resilient as they can be. I think it just makes sense […]

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Resiliency training in medicine is a farce

Emergency a bloody long way from anywhere

Three hours into an intercontinental flight, the dark blue waters of the Pacific ocean pass below. A cloudless azure sky offers contrast. The remains of another airline lunch has been collected. Postprandial heads began nodding. A few fellow passengers have already succumbed to slumber assisted by duty free spirits. “Can a medical practitioner please make […]

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