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Generalist training : towards ethical medical education for the future

Open access airway management videos

The power of the “Q” word finally proven!

Did #FOAMEd save my career?

This is the second of three posts I’m writing about my breakdown. In When the Plates Came Crashing Down I talked about how it felt when I broke and as I made my way back to work so in this one I’ll talk about the process of coming to terms with my situation and how I have […]

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Do what you said you were going to do

Guess who was on Santa’s naughty list?

Turkish #FOAMEd !

Social media, FOAMed in medical education and knowledge sharing: Local experiences with international perspective

FOAMed: How to find and evaluate medical information on social media


FOAMed: How to find and evaluate medical information on social media


Tim rants about Paramedic RSI – Its worth a read

A nice little paper caught my eye in this months Emergency Medicine Australasia. Entitled “Review of therapeutic agents employed by an Australian aeromedical prehospital and retrieval service” this is a really simple paper; basically an audit of the medications carried and used over a 12 month period by the Sydney HEMS service. Everyone likes playing with…

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FOAMEd without internet


Is Ketofol the milk of human kindness for procedural sedation. St.Emlyn’s

St.Emlyn’s – Meducation in Virchester #FOAMed Another fine day in Virchester and another marvellous weekly Journal Club discussing Ketofol. I was unable to attend our traditional meeting (which ended a few minutes ago) as I was visiting my parents but I guess the beauty of #FOAMed is that you actually do not have to physically…

FOAM 2016


Is FOAMed just digital dogma doo-doo?


#FOAMEd video by Steve Mathieu