JC: Can HEMS improve patient outcome in Traumatic Cardiac Arrest? St Emlyn’s — St.Emlyn’s

St.Emlyn’s – Emergency Medicine #FOAMed This week we are briefly looking at an interesting paper that suggests that HEMS services have much to offer in the management of traumatic cardiac arrest (TCA). We know that outcomes from TCA are poor, though arguably similar to the outcomes in medical cardiac arrest, but there is the possibility… via… Continue Reading

CPR in TCA: A TLA PSA — The Collective

‘Don’t compress the chest in traumatic arrest…’ That’s the narrative. But Alan Garner has questions. Do you do chest compressions in traumatic cardiac arrest (TCA)? Don’t be dopey, right? Compressions are not important compared with seeking and correcting reversible causes. Indeed you can just omit the compressions altogether and transport the patient without them as… Continue Reading

Laryngeal tube outperforms ETT in OHCA

#Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium Pragmatic Airway Resucitation Trial : Laryngeal Tube vs. ETT. 72 hr survival (18.2% vs 15.3%), ROSC (27.9% vs 24.1%), hospital survival (10.8% vs 8.0), neurologically intact discharge (7.0% vs 5.0) all favoring LT with p=0.02 or less. pic.twitter.com/2NPnngxn5W — Russell Griffin LP, FP-C (@ResusFliteMedic) May 17, 2018

Awake and Dead?

What do you do in cardiac arrest when your patient is “awake and dead” (CPR-IC)? It is a growing phenomenon and we take a mini deep dive on some of the more recent literature and techniques.#FOAMed #FOAMems #FOAMcc #ACLS #CardiacArresthttps://t.co/LJ0xzFDu6p pic.twitter.com/RjpCUYEJbY — Chip with TOTAL EM (@the_TOTAL_EM) January 30, 2018

New arrhythmia guidelines 2017

Being a resuscitation educator commonly requires discussion of the dilemmas of arrhythmia management. This is an area we don’t delve into everyday so achieving true ‘expertise’ is a challenge. Guidelines often come to the rescue in such life-threatening and time dependent situations. The American Heart Association (AHA) has released updated recommendations for the management of […]… Continue Reading

Traumatic cardiac arrest with Ashleigh Lowther

Follow her on Twitter! @ashleighlowther The app mentioned for civilians response to terrorist incident is called Citizen Aid Really good app – “Citizen Aid” – that’s well worth downloading..especially given today’s events. Stay safe peeps… pic.twitter.com/cbpR0AYTcq — Clive Lewis MP (@labourlewis) March 22, 2017

You dont take plastic?

Findings do not support early tracheal intubation for adult in-hospital #cardiacarrest https://t.co/KZAA4hvOFY — JAMA (@JAMA_current) January 24, 2017