European Resuscitation Council Guidelines 2021: Paediatric Life Support – Resuscitation

European Resuscitation Council Guidelines 2021: Paediatric Life Support – Resuscitation — Read on

Awake and Dead?

What do you do in cardiac arrest when your patient is “awake and dead” (CPR-IC)? It is a growing phenomenon and we take a mini deep dive on some of the more recent literature and techniques.#FOAMed #FOAMems #FOAMcc #ACLS #CardiacArrest — Chip with TOTAL EM (@the_TOTAL_EM) January 30, 2018

Transport of patient undergoing CPR

Dr Chris Denny, Auckland HEMS Medical Director Much of critical care medicine is a race. A relay race. Enhancing the chain of survival for cardiac disease requires a series of interdependent tasks: ED ECMO 36 – Crushing the nihilism of cardiac arrest In the Auckland region, we are fortunate to work with […] via Safe transportContinue reading “Transport of patient undergoing CPR”

Intubation in cardiac arrest

Another study on airway management in cardiac arrest was just published in JAMA. The study was done in Denmark, where all intubations elective and emergency are done by anaesthestetists. It was a retrospective study, where they matched intubated patients with … Continue reading → via INTUBATION IN ARREST – AGAIN —

Swimming against the mCPR tide… — AmboFOAM

I like it when people agree with me. Most people do. Sadly, I sometimes don’t have a lot of luck on that front, especially when it comes to mechanical CPR (mCPR), or when I suggest to my wife that we should by a Rocket Mustang (for her that is, I’m not a petrol head) via SwimmingContinue reading “Swimming against the mCPR tide… — AmboFOAM”