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The success of pre-hospital tracheal intubation by different pre-hospital providers (2017 update)

Tactical Trauma Conference 2017!

Australia’s First Stroke Ambulance!

Happy New Year, and welcome back to the sporadic blog known as AmboFOAM. I thought I would start the year on a positive note, and what better way than by looking at one of the new initiatives happening here in Melbourne: an Australian first Stroke Ambulance!

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Medical kits here

Continuing a theme started with a practical post on direct and indirect pressure for haemorrhage control, Greg Brown (Education Manager amongst other things) discusses the things he’s learned about how to figure out what you need in a kit. I remember the first time as a young Nursing Officer in the Australian Army I went on exercise […]

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Prehospital Ketamine for chemical restraint : A review


The End of the Road — Adventure Medic

Dr Anne Brants / Emergency Physician, Netherlands Dr Isla Madeleine Wormald / ACCS Trainee, UK This article is a brilliant reminder of why expeditions are such a challenging and interesting setting in which to practice medicine. Anna and Isla have done a great job of summarising the lessons to be learned, many of which will ring true to first-time and…

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Interview with the Author: AfJEM: Michael McCaul on South African pre-hospital guidelines — #badEM

Series: “Interview with the Author…” The badEM crew interviewed Michael McCaul regarding his newly released article in AfJEM Volume 6 Issue 3 entitled: “South African Pre-hospital practice guidelines: Report on progress & way forward” by Michael McCaul, Ben de Waal, Peter Hodkinson & Karen Grimmer Link to open access article: Click here Corresponding author email: Author’s twitter handle: @MikeMcCaul3…

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PHARM Podcast 156 Surviving Sedation 2016 guidelines

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Invitation: The Inaugural Lecture on Pre-Hospital and Retrieval Medicine — Auckland HEMS

Auckland HEMS, ARHT, and ADHB are delighted to welcome Dr Stephen Hearns from Scotland’s Emergency Medical Retrieval Service (EMRS) to Auckland. Dr Hearns will be presenting a lecture entitled ‘Building an Integrated Pre-Hospital Retrieval and Medical Service: The Scottish Experience‘ at 5pm Monday 28 November. All welcome!

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Lessons from the Battlefield #LestWeForget


Lessons From 2 War Zones Make A Difference In Medic Training


PHARM Podcast 155 There still is blood (Part2)

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PHARM Podcast 153 Prehospital traumatic arrest in Special Forces operation

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Mobile stroke ambulances for Chicago


Prehospital trade-offs — Intensive Care Network

Every prehospital mission involves a series of complex decisions, with inevitable trade offs. How do we ensure that we make the correct choices for our patients? The post Prehospital trade-offs appeared first on Intensive Care Network.

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