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Posts from the ‘Prehospital medicine’ Category

Dr Richard Harris video at #SWANTrauma 2018 !

PHARM Podcast 209 Scarred healers

Self care talk in Chicago by Dr Tim Leeuwenburg, 2015

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PHARM Podcast 208 Ketamine controversy with Minneapolis Police

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PHARM Podcast 207 Prehospital research Bonanza!

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PHARM Podcast 206 Surviving Sedation – Triumph, Tragedy and Controversy

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Body armour for EMS

PHARM Podcast 205 Prehospital ultrasound guided nerve blocks a RCT

We have medical imaging in our Flying ER

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PHARM Podcast 204 Prehospital sedation : INhale the chemicals and some cave diving

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Dr Bill Griggs : 42 yrs in prehospital and retrieval medicine !

Acute behavioural emergencies in prehospital Care

Dr Blair Munford , an inspiring legend of Australian prehospital and retrieval medicine

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Prehospital emergency Care new website !

Droperidol !

Pre-hospital advanced airway management by anaesthetist and nurse anaesthetist critical care teams: a prospective observational study of 2028 pre-hospital tracheal intubations


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Ketamine for military prehospital analgesia and sedation in combat casualties