New Free App for Snakebite in South Africa!

New FREE snake app for South Africa. Useful and relevant info. Well done Johan and team! To download the free first aid for snakebite app (also includes snake identification, removals and free posters) go to:Android: — KimberleyEM (@KimberleyEM112) July 23, 2018

Oh you’re poison

Venomous snake experts from The Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine are helping the Natural History Museum in London put on a exhibition about venomous creatures from around the globe. The exhibition is called Venom: Kill and Cure and will be on show at the Natural History Museum, London, until 13th May. At up to 3… via… Continue Reading

Once Bitten, When to Fly?

It is very exciting to introduce Tim Wallace, flight nurse from the Top End, on a topic sorely neglected for a website coming from Australia – animals that can kill you. Actually, perhaps Tim can introduce Tim.  “When I was a researcher working for a haematologist, I wanted to be a paramedic, but I ended… Continue Reading