New Free App for Snakebite in South Africa!

New FREE snake app for South Africa. Useful and relevant info. Well done Johan and team! To download the free first aid for snakebite app (also includes snake identification, removals and free posters) go to:Android: — KimberleyEM (@KimberleyEM112) July 23, 2018

Paediatrics in South Africa

This talk was recorded live on the first day at DFTB17 in Brisbane. If you missed out on 2017 then why not book your leave for 2018 now. Tickets are on sale for the pre-conference workshops as well as the conference itself at Kat Evans is an emergency physician working in Mitchell Plains in… via… Continue Reading

Update on emergency care in South Africa 2017

As part of the EMSSA/ECCSA conference in Sun City we attended an update on where we are with the Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) in the Emergency Care field of South Africa. Introducing the topic Michael McCaul (researcher from the Centre for Evidence-based Health Care, Stellenbosch University) gave us an overview of his research on the… via… Continue Reading