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Trauma Airway Management

Physiologic Considerations in Trauma Patients Undergoing Resuscitative Endovascular Balloon Occlusion of the Aorta

Wound packing : if it bleeds we can pack it (sometimes)

PHARM Podcast 177 South Africa ditches the hard collar!

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Pre-hospital tracheal intubation vs emergency department intubation in trauma patients

PHARM Podcast 175 Battlefield fluid resuscitation in 2017

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Efficacy and Safety of Tranexamic Acid in Prehospital Traumatic Hemorrhagic Shock: Outcomes of the Cal-PAT Study

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PHARM Podcast 174 Battlefield analgesia in 2017

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PHARM Podcast 169 Prehospital doctors and trauma outcomes

Dr John Hinds believed in prehospital doctor led trauma care saving lives (RIP , 2015)

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Strategies for Intravenous Fluid Resuscitation in Trauma Patients

Damage Control Resuscitation for EMS civilian trauma

Tourniquets are back

Largely due evidence from increased military use in conflicts in the last two decades, tourniquet use has re-emerged as an effective way to control haemorrhage from limb injury, usually due to partial or complete amputation or severe crush injury (so called “mangled limbs”) or severe penetrating trauma with major tissue or vascular disruption. Based on reasonable quality…

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Quad bike deaths must stop

A traumatic complication

Brief Case Study 33 year old female presented post Motorbike Accident (MBA) Our patient had been riding on a dirt trail when she lost control of the bike She was wearing a helmet and protective gear. Primary Survey and Initial Imaging Airway Assessment – patent, patient was talking and orientated Breathing Assessment Palpation – normal Symmetrical Air […]

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Prehospital trauma course