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Managing trauma in rural and remote communities

Chest wounds

Greg Brown returns to look at an important thing relevant to first responders (and lots of other people really) – the sucking chest wound. We’ve all been there – sitting through some kind of “first aid” training and having some kind of “first aid trainer” speaking authoritatively on some kind of “first aid style” topic. If […]

via The Deal with Seals — The Collective

Trauma in Outback

Global lessons: developing military trauma care and lessons for civilian practice

Global lessons: developing military trauma care and lessons for civilian practice

Flail chest with paradoxical breathing

L’immobilisation en préhospitalier: il est temps de tout changer

The death of the Golden Hour

Counting the Cost of Cervical Collars


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Update on critical care for acute spinal cord injury

Review of tactical tourniquets

Tactical Trauma Conference #TACT17

Prevention of trauma is good!

There have been thousands of injuries & dozens of deaths in Australian children attributable to quad bike use. Warwick Teague, Paediatric Surgeon and Director of Trauma at Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital is passionate about changing this. This is a sobering podcast on a topic that all who work in the Emergency and Trauma scene anywhere,…

via ETM Podcast Episode 14 – Warwick Teague – Quad Bikes and Paediatric Trauma — ETM Course

Trauma Airway Management

Physiologic Considerations in Trauma Patients Undergoing Resuscitative Endovascular Balloon Occlusion of the Aorta

Wound packing : if it bleeds we can pack it (sometimes)