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Northern Ireland air ambulance one year old!

A week with Air Ambulance Northern Ireland!

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An hour to save your life Episode with Dr MJ Slabbert!!

Work as full time HEMS Doctor !

Lessons from Luftambulansen

Norwegian mathematical chopper equation and stuff

There are a bunch of ways to figure out where to put your resources. Dr Alan Garner found a guy who can crunch the big numbers to look at it a little differently. What’s the answer for optimal locations? First ask what is the question. We have just had a new study published in BMC […]

via Maths and Choppers from Norway to New South Wales — The Collective

Northern Ireland celebrates official launch of HEMS service

Northern Ireland Air Ambulance service is fully operational today!

PHARM Podcast 171 Prehospital RSI -who’s got the biggest laryngoscope?

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PHARM Podcast 170 Prehospital intubation for traumatic brain injury

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PHARM Podcast 169 Prehospital doctors and trauma outcomes

Dr John Hinds believed in prehospital doctor led trauma care saving lives (RIP , 2015)

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PHARM Podcast 167 London HEMS with Dr Stephen Rashford

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Doctor-led Air Ambulance service for Northern Ireland is approved

Pre-hospital transfusion of packed red blood cells in 147 patients from a UK helicopter emergency medical service

Seeing is Believing