JC: Can HEMS improve patient outcome in Traumatic Cardiac Arrest? St Emlyn’s — St.Emlyn’s

St.Emlyn’s – Emergency Medicine #FOAMed This week we are briefly looking at an interesting paper that suggests that HEMS services have much to offer in the management of traumatic cardiac arrest (TCA). We know that outcomes from TCA are poor, though arguably similar to the outcomes in medical cardiac arrest, but there is the possibility… via… Continue Reading

Air Care Series: Burns Management — Taming the SRU

History of Present IllnessAir Care 1 is dispatched for a scene flight involving a young male patient with extensive thermal burn injuries. In addition to his severe burns, the patient was reportedly hypoxic on a non-rebreather mask and tachycardic. Emergency Medical Services (EMS) at the scene reports that there are no known traumatic injuries. The… via… Continue Reading

A week with Air Ambulance Northern Ireland!

A young patient, Conor Henry from Coleraine visited the Air Ambulance base recently as part of his recovery, with his Mum Kirstin and Dad Darren. A lovely thank you from Conor's dad can be read on our website: https://t.co/E4qYShQzhl #AirAmbulanceNI #AANI pic.twitter.com/8wrnOu2Eba — Air Ambulance NI (@AirAmbulanceNI) June 7, 2018

Lessons from Luftambulansen

It’s -18º, I can’t feel my face or fingers and I’m out training with @Luftambulansen whilst they hang from helicopters. What I learnt from them wasn’t what you might think…https://t.co/0yKK4huHVF — Craig Mitchell (@Anaesthesia_AGB) April 7, 2018