Air Care Series: Burns Management — Taming the SRU

History of Present IllnessAir Care 1 is dispatched for a scene flight involving a young male patient with extensive thermal burn injuries. In addition to his severe burns, the patient was reportedly hypoxic on a non-rebreather mask and tachycardic. Emergency Medical Services (EMS) at the scene reports that there are no known traumatic injuries. The… via… Continue Reading

A week with Air Ambulance Northern Ireland!

A young patient, Conor Henry from Coleraine visited the Air Ambulance base recently as part of his recovery, with his Mum Kirstin and Dad Darren. A lovely thank you from Conor's dad can be read on our website: #AirAmbulanceNI #AANI — Air Ambulance NI (@AirAmbulanceNI) June 7, 2018

Lessons from Luftambulansen

It’s -18º, I can’t feel my face or fingers and I’m out training with @Luftambulansen whilst they hang from helicopters. What I learnt from them wasn’t what you might think… — Craig Mitchell (@Anaesthesia_AGB) April 7, 2018