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EMS Gathering 2018 review and podcast by St Emlyn’s

Decisions and Stress in EMS

Dare to Know conference 2018 with Ruth Townsend on Paramedic Registration!

Ruth Townsend presentation is at 3hr:6min mark of recording.
Follow her on twitter @RuthTownsendlaw . Thanks to @D2K2018 for putting on such a great conference for paramedic students.

Operation Wild Boar Pt1

iGel is good

EMS by women for women

Documentary on British Columbia’s paramedics

Are you burnt out ?

Aeromedical Retrieval and Case Presentations with Paramedics Australasia, Queensland!

Rising narcotic use amongst paramedics

Droperidol !

Inside EMS Podcast: Is intubation dead in EMS?

Our co-hosts discuss the ever-changing practice of airway management
— Read on

I’ve seen terrible things as a paramedic

National registration of Australian paramedics ! Have your say!

A prospective observational study of midazolam and droperidol for pre-hospital acute behavioural disturbance

Brilliant prehospital research from Queensland once again that will likely change practice in other states. Just like what we did with ketamine in aeromedical retrieval!

A prospective observation study of midazolam and droperidol for pre-hospital acute behavioural disturbance