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I’ve seen terrible things as a paramedic

National registration of Australian paramedics ! Have your say!

A prospective observational study of midazolam and droperidol for pre-hospital acute behavioural disturbance

Brilliant prehospital research from Queensland once again that will likely change practice in other states. Just like what we did with ketamine in aeromedical retrieval!

A prospective observation study of midazolam and droperidol for pre-hospital acute behavioural disturbance

Goodbye MidazoBlam Goodbye

Awesome Airway Save! Fishing with laryngoscope!

UK Paramedics 2017 draft consensus statement on intubation FOR COMMENT!

PHARM Podcast 176 Live tweeting by ambulance services: a growing concern

Some joker on Twitter called Chrimes took this at Aspen, Colorado

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Rapid Sequence Intubation by Intensive Care Flight paramedics of Ambulance Victoria

The call that changed a paramedics life

Seriously, just Kalm Down

Following on from my previous post on managing the agitated patient…

via Seriously, just Kalm Down! — AmboFOAM

Victorian paramedics intubation experience

MICA Flight Paramedic tells the incredible story of how they saved a 10yo boy

Prehospital ketamine use by paramedics in the Australian Capital Territory

Is Intubation Success Rate Higher With Two-Medic Crews

Lessons From 2 War Zones Make A Difference In Medic Training