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UK Paramedics 2017 draft consensus statement on intubation FOR COMMENT!

PHARM Podcast 176 Live tweeting by ambulance services: a growing concern

Some joker on Twitter called Chrimes took this at Aspen, Colorado

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Rapid Sequence Intubation by Intensive Care Flight paramedics of Ambulance Victoria

The call that changed a paramedics life

Seriously, just Kalm Down

Following on from my previous post on managing the agitated patient…

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Victorian paramedics intubation experience

MICA Flight Paramedic tells the incredible story of how they saved a 10yo boy

Prehospital ketamine use by paramedics in the Australian Capital Territory

Is Intubation Success Rate Higher With Two-Medic Crews

Lessons From 2 War Zones Make A Difference In Medic Training


The Rest of Their Lives — The Collective

At the recent Student Paramedics Australasia International Conference 2016 held in Sydney, Dr Andrew Weatherall was given the topic of “things paramedics can do to produce better long-term outcomes after traumatic brain injury”. This is a version of that talk modified for the blog. This topic, that someone else came up with, gets it. So much […]

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Prehospital ketamine use by Australian paramedics


Angling for Trouble? Catch and Release for Heroin Overdose. — AmboFOAM

Ok, I’ll make this quick, as it’s half time during the Bledisloe Cup, and nothing is more important than seeing Straya get beaten (again). Therefore, no references – but I’ll follow up with some data once another study has been published (in the pipeline)

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Asthma for Ambos — Don’t Forget the Bubbles

Tonight I had the privilege to talk to the team at the Werribee branch of Ambulance Victoria. I was given the brief to talk on something to do with paediatric respiratory problems and I thought I would focus on one of their most common presentations – asthma. Asthma is such a common condition, affecting one…

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PHARM Podcast 148 South African Paramedic saves life with emergency cricothyroidotomy

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