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#ThriveICU at SCCM #CCC47 – Part 4 by @BrowOfJustice

Death certificates in Planet America

The GMC are seeking to automatically strike UK doctors off without even a fair hearing!

#ThriveICU at SCCM #CCC47 – Part 3 by @BrowOfJustice

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#ThriveICU at SCCM #CCC47 – Part 2 by @BrowOfJustice

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Presenting #ThriveICU at SCCM #CCC47 by @BrowOfJustice

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How to remain a doctor?

More Oxygen!

As a nursing student, you might find all the different oxygen delivery systems confusing. But not anymore! In this post we’ll cover the main oxygen delivery systems you’ll see in your clinical rotations. Ready? A Few Important Terms Before we get into the different types of oxygen delivery systems, we need to go over a…

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Outback training for RFDS

Twitter on heart health

Critical Condition : prehospital care in British Columbia 2018

NSW mandatory reporting laws to be changed in 2018!

Being a Royal Flying Doctor pilot

The Kids airway

IntroductionWelcome to one of the newest additions to Taming the SRU, a monthly installment of Air Care topics and pointers. Monthly posts will fall under one of four categories:Core Content: includes key knowledge all flight providers should know”Thoughts from the Front Lines” (TFTFL): interviews with experts in the field of flight med”How on Earth do…

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Meet Royal Flying Doctor Sally Edmonds