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Mandatory reporting : Doctor, report thyself

Doctors are human too

Make DL great again!

Health practitioners entitled to confidential help except in NSW

Doctors’ mental health : the untold story

Rome SALAD Park 2017

Flaws in the system are killing our young doctors

PHARM Podcast 167 London HEMS with Dr Stephen Rashford

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Make your mark on the world

Hand overs

From Our Friends – JoziEM New post released on Hand-overs Read it now: The post [From Our Friends] Hand-Overs appeared first on #badEM.

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Quad bike deaths must stop

Tick tock

Ultimately, a lot of what we’re doing in EMS is ferrying people towards their deaths. In the literally-true-but-irrelevant sense, we’re all dying. But that’s not what I mean. Pre-hospital and Emergency workers spend a lot of time around people in their final hours and days, even though we don’t always think about it. It’s easy […]

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A traumatic complication

Brief Case Study 33 year old female presented post Motorbike Accident (MBA) Our patient had been riding on a dirt trail when she lost control of the bike She was wearing a helmet and protective gear. Primary Survey and Initial Imaging Airway Assessment – patent, patient was talking and orientated Breathing Assessment Palpation – normal Symmetrical Air […]

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The state of us

The Tricorder is coming!