JC: Real world cricothyroidotomy experience. St Emlyn’s — St.Emlyn’s

St.Emlyn’s – Emergency Medicine #FOAMed Cricothyroidotomy is a procedure that worried many emergency physicians. Partly because it’s a rare procedure, but also because we are likely to embarking on it at a time when things are ‘going wrong’. The most likely time will be during a failed intubation when stress levels will be high, the… JC:Continue reading “JC: Real world cricothyroidotomy experience. St Emlyn’s — St.Emlyn’s”

The effect of patient positioning on ultrasound landmarking for cricothyrotomy

Great job by UBC ultrasound fellows Jon Lee and Marg Zhang on our poster determining change in cricothyroid membrane skin landmark with change in position of head of bed of the stretcher.@CAEPConference pic.twitter.com/UxEaGTDCjD — Dan Kim (@dan___kim) May 28, 2018

The most realistic cric simulator ever!

Introducing the REAL CRIC Trainer: most realistic cric simulator ever! Skin tissue blood air. Inexpensive, easy to make. Watch Full Demo & Instructional Video: https://t.co/3qXdcx4Vm9 Inspired by @drlauraduggan @jducanto #FOAMed #realcric @airwaycam @ketaminh @emcrit @kovacsgj pic.twitter.com/9pFCaZnCSo — Jonathan Kei, MD MPH (@keipoints) February 12, 2018