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The most realistic cric simulator ever!

Pathway to NeckHole

CICO Rescue Cricothyroidotomy Trainer – Vortex Approach by Dr Andy Buck

Bleeding simulation for cric!

Hinckley crics Bryant

Ultrasound of cricothyroid membrane

Bougie assisted cric is for humans #ugh

Cric model- Open access 3D print design and instructions!

What an airway case from AirCare!

IMAGE CREATED BY GRACE LAGASSE, MD. THIS WORK IS LICENSED UNDER A CREATIVE COMMONS ATTRIBUTION-NONCOMMERICAL-SHARELIKE 4.0 INTERNATIONAL LICENSE. Air Care was dispatched to a scene for a male patient in his 20s who was involved in a motor vehicle collision. Prior to arrival, first responders report that the patient was entrapped in his vehicle with…

via Annals of B-Pod: To Cric or Not to Cric? — Taming the SRU

Cricothyroidotomy Bottom–Up Training Review: Battlefi eld Lessons Learned


Scalpel -Finger-Tube!

Cricothyroidotomy Bottom–Up Training Review:
Battlefi eld Lessons Learned

Open Access Cricothyroidotomy review!

What size tube would you use for CICO?

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Want to build a cric trainer?

Video assisted surgical airway!

2017 ATACC course cricothyroidotomy simulation!