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Want to be a Flying Doctor in Cairns?

Video of an Outback emergency retrieval, using private vehicle commandeered for transport from dirt airstrip to scene. A Common occurrence in the work of a Flying Doctor in Australia

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Submit a Flying Doctor Story!

Royal visit to RFDS Cairns!

Australia’s Longest serving flight nurse retires after almost 40 yrs

Flying Death Adder!

Note: The purpose of this site if to provide free open access medical education (FOAMed) in the context of rural and remote health. Though all stories have been inspired by real cases, all identifying details such as names, ages, locations and background descriptions have been thoroughly changed to ensure the absolute privacy of the patients,…

via The Flying Death Adder — Island Docs

Neonatal Training video

Royal Flying Doctor Service 90th Birthday 2018

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Air ambulance Northern Ireland on #IWD2018

I chose PHEM because…

Pushing the boundaries for women in PHEM

Underwater Escape Training!

Outback training for RFDS

Critical Condition : prehospital care in British Columbia 2018

Being a Royal Flying Doctor pilot

Meet Royal Flying Doctor Sally Edmonds