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Outback training for RFDS

Critical Condition : prehospital care in British Columbia 2018

Being a Royal Flying Doctor pilot

Meet Royal Flying Doctor Sally Edmonds

The inaugural Auckland Pre-hospital trauma conference. August 1st 2018

Transport of patient undergoing CPR

Dr Chris Denny, Auckland HEMS Medical Director Much of critical care medicine is a race. A relay race. Enhancing the chain of survival for cardiac disease requires a series of interdependent tasks: ED ECMO 36 – Crushing the nihilism of cardiac arrest In the Auckland region, we are fortunate to work with […]

via Safe transport of a patient undergoing CPR — Auckland HEMS

Is there a midwife on board!? ok we will take a doctor then

Realities of Outback flying

2017 on the Collective

Well everyone else is doing the “look back, look forward” thing, so why not us as well? It’s that time of year. You know, the one where we just want a few more days to kick back and relax or enjoy a southern hemisphere summer. What better way to look busy than a review of […]

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Hoverbike is a reality!

A new career in the sky and Outback in 2018? Why not?

LifeFlight Rock

RFDS Dubbo base Dr Peter Brendt

Flying Doctor Road landing

This is in the region where I work, Mount Isa base. I know this road landing strip well!

A Day in the life of the RFDS in WA