Long−Distance Aeromedical Transport of Patients with COVID19| OAEM

Long−Distance Aeromedical Transport of Patients with COVID−19 in Fixed−Wing Air Ambulance Using a Portable Isolation Unit: Opportunities, Limitations and Mitigation Strategies — Read on http://www.dovepress.com/longminusdistance-aeromedical-transport-of-patients-with-covidminus19–peer-reviewed-fulltext-article-OAEM

Questioning COVID-19 Surface Stability and Fomite Spreading in Three Aeromedical Cases: A Case Series | Military Medicine | Oxford Academic

ABSTRACT. It is well established that coronavirus disease 2019 is primarily transmitted through respiratory droplets, and there is mounting research speculation — Read on academic.oup.com/milmed/article/186/7-8/e832/6040078

Cut the cord: hoisting cable cutting during helicopter rescues | AirMed&Rescue

Barry Smith outlines his thoughts on the worst-case scenario during helicopter missions – having to cut the hoist cable with people attached — Read on http://www.airmedandrescue.com/latest/long-read/cut-cord-hoisting-cable-cutting-during-helicopter-rescues

The logistics of neonatal air transport | AirMed&Rescue

Dr Carlo Bellini, Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Genoa, addresses the logistical aspects of long-distance neonatal air transport, which he argues are the greater challenge over medical proficiency — Read on http://www.airmedandrescue.com/latest/long-read/logistics-neonatal-air-transport

Incidence and challenges of helicopter emergency medical service (HEMS) rescue missions with helicopter hoist operations: analysis of 11,228 daytime and nighttime missions in Switzerland – PubMed

Nearly 20 % of patients who needed to be evacuated by a hoist were severely injured, and complex and lifesaving medical interventions were necessary before the HHO procedure. Therefore, only adequately trained and experienced medical crew members should accompany HHO missions. — Read on pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34253244/


CHALLENGES OF COVID-19 AEROMEDICAL RETRIEVAL: LESSONS LEARNT FROM CONDUCTING AEROMEDICAL TRANSFERS DURING A PANDEMIC — Read on http://www.exeley.com/journal_australiasian_society_aerospace_medicine/doi/10.21307/asam-2020-003

Case Study: TrustAir on the aeromedical transfer of Covid-19 patients | AirMed&Rescue

Flying a Covid-positive patient is a huge challenge from both a teamwork and a professional perspective. Dr Peter Turi of TrustAir described how his team manages Covid patients  — Read on http://www.airmedandrescue.com/latest/long-read/case-study-trustair-aeromedical-transfer-covid-19-patients

Own the Hamilton T1 — EmergencyPedia

The Hamilton T1 Switching from the Oxylog 3000+ (or similar) to the Hamilton T1 seems to be a ubiquitous challenge in many ICUs, EDs and retrieval services across Australia and beyond We respectfully “copy” and adapt LIFTL’s prior blog for 2021 and the Hamilton – CLICK HERE From 2015 – Own the OXYLOG 3000 For […]Continue reading “Own the Hamilton T1 — EmergencyPedia”

‘This is such a serious disease’: Inside an ICU patient transfer as COVID-19 cases rise | CTV News

While patients get sicker and ICUs continue to fill up, critical care physicians are transporting patients between hospitals to free up beds in some of Ontario’s hardest hit regions. — Read on http://www.ctvnews.ca/health/coronavirus/this-is-such-a-serious-disease-inside-an-icu-patient-transfer-as-covid-19-cases-rise-1.5381715