Neonatal Retrieval by Dr Trish Woods This talk was recorded live at DFTB17 in Brisbane. We’ve got plenty more where this one came from so keep on checking in with us every week. If you think you’ve got the chops to pull it off next year then get in touch with us Trish Woods is a consultant neonatologist working in…Continue reading “Neonatal Retrieval by Dr Trish Woods”


Apologies if we melted your timeline with #retrieval2016. To make amends a Storify of Day 1 here: — Retrieval 2017 (@_retrieval) May 10, 2016 // And Storify of #retrieval2016 day 2 here: Stay tuned for dates for #retrieval2017 very soon — Retrieval 2017 (@_retrieval) May 10, 2016 //

PHARM quality – how do you know when you’re doing it well?

This post from Dr Alan Garner tackles a core problem for all practitioners who give a damn – how do you know you’re doing it well? A chat worth having and Alan has a pretty good summary of the Carebundle approach.  How do we measure quality in prehospital and retrieval medicine?  Speed?  Number of proceduresContinue reading “PHARM quality – how do you know when you’re doing it well?”

A Bit Early and A Bit Far Away

We welcome another new contributor to the site with this post. Jodie Martin is a clinical educator and flight nurse working in the Top End of Australia. She has just finished up a Masters which included looking at a big retrieval challenge – preterm births in the wild reaches of the Northern Territory.  Which retrieval taskings scare youContinue reading “A Bit Early and A Bit Far Away”

Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks – Or A Visit To An Alien Planet

One of the excellent things about retrieval work is the opportunity a clinician is presented with to try new things. Dr Alan Garner reflects on his recent experiences trying out a very particular branch of retrieval medicine – neonates and paediatrics.  I have recently had the opportunity to do some work with NETS in NSWContinue reading “Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks – Or A Visit To An Alien Planet”

Thoughts from the Control Tower

Originally posted on The Collective:
This is the first of what we hope will be a series of posts from Dr Paul Bailey who works as a Medical Director for CareFlight International Air Ambulance. Paul will try to provide insights into the challenges of managing retrievals across oceans. Here’s the starter.  In his real life,…