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Rural obstetric emergency in Canada !

Prehospital emergency hysterotomy : 2 case studies

Two cases of low birth weight infant survival by prehospital emergency hysterotomy

Obstetric anaesthesia #FOAMEd from #ObsSIG18

Special Delivery! Inflight birthing emergencies

RFDS Flight nurses are qualified midwives

Tranexamic saves lives in post partum bleeding!

Unexpected at 24,000 Feet — The Collective

Contributors Dr Toby Shipway and Flight Nurse Jodie Martin return with a little about something that would make any retrievalist sweat – delivering babies in the air. A call came into the Logistics Coordination centre from a nurse in a remote health centre, worried about new contractions in a pregnant woman who was 31 weeks pregnant. We […]

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A Bit Early and A Bit Far Away

We welcome another new contributor to the site with this post. Jodie Martin is a clinical educator and flight nurse working in the Top End of Australia. She has just finished up a Masters which included looking at a big retrieval challenge – preterm births in the wild reaches of the Northern Territory.  Which retrieval taskings scare you […]

Updated Canadian guidelines for management of pregnant trauma patient 2015

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A new mindset: from perimortem cesarean to resuscitative hysterotomy