Obstetric anaesthesia #FOAMEd from #ObsSIG18

Summary of @anzca #ObSIG18 sessions now uploaded to google drive. Apologies if difficult to follow – lots of excellent presentations and information. Also, finding complete references took aaaaages. https://t.co/n4pJgpEuOW #ASM18SYD — David Wright 🇦🇺 (@passing_gas) May 6, 2018

Anaesthesia study by my brother!

Things learnt: Clinical research is a hard slog but I now get the buzz when you see your work out there. Also a patient statistician is worth their weight in unicorn shit… love you Dave Liu 😘 https://t.co/vrkEHwThHB — Thien LeCong (@TLCgunner) May 3, 2018

AAGBI Free Quick Reference Handbook for Anaesthesia!

Have you seen the new @AAGBI The Quick Reference Handbook (#QRH)? Free and open access to #guidelines for unexpected or uncommon #anaesthesia related emergencies. #FOAMed #standards #patientsafety Download it today: https://t.co/tCQwWKg7xV pic.twitter.com/pgxP42mgzW — AAGBI (@AAGBI) April 3, 2018

General Awareness

The core job when you reach for general anaesthesia is to provide a general lack of awareness. So what about when it doesn’t work? The person making the coffee sort of has to make the coffee right. I’m pretty sure newsreaders serve the primary function of reading the words about the news. Near as I… Continue Reading

Baby’s eyes and the three bears

This is the written post version of a talk by Dr Andrew Weatherall for the South African Society of Anesthesiologists Congress 2017. As invited faculty the organising committee covered registration, accommodation and travel to attend. There are a bunch of ways a talk involving three bears and baby’s eyes could go. I don’t think it’s… Continue Reading