Dr Levitan in Istanbul!

🚀@airwaycam 🗣#airwaymanagement🌪@TrTATD 🗓December 02-03 , 2018📌 #Istanbul pic.twitter.com/eGebWcHtt0 — Murat Çetin (@drmuratcetin) September 28, 2018

New report on sexual harassment in Sciences & Medicine 2018

Impt release today by @theNASEM on sexual harassment in Sci, Eng,Med. For those in Med, #’s shouldn’t surprise.Harassment is rampant. Residencies described as “breeding grounds for abusive behavior” EM called out #medtoo @choo_ek @MDaware https://t.co/P2lywl11oG@KJonesJamtgaard pic.twitter.com/OMioeJdcw9 — Louis Jamtgaard, MD (@Lgaard) June 13, 2018

Happy International Women’s day 2018! #IWD2018

On the International Women’s Day, it’s important to say thank you to all the amazing women in this world for making this a better, more worthy place to live – through your strength, courage, character, kindness, integrity & love pic.twitter.com/qdUeq0cXPQ — ricky smyth (@Rickstertez) March 7, 2018

Happy Airway NEW YEAR in Sydney !

Cadaveric Airway Course in Sydney UTS January 18-19 still has a few open spots: https://t.co/H4FmkrqIOI … Its going to be a lot of larynx! Join faculty @airwaycam @HawkmoonHEMS @IanMeducator and Clare Hayes-Bradley — Richard Levitan (@airwaycam) November 23, 2017 Educational Cric tool. Incrementalized approach to save a life–use a knife. pic.twitter.com/wXeOoUfvZP — Richard Levitan (@airwaycam)… Continue Reading