Reports from Warsaw – The Wrap from AirMed Part 2 — The Collective

OK it’s been a really long time. But it’s here. Dr Alan Garner returns with the wrap from AirMed Day 2, and it is absolutely not hot on the heels of the wrap from day 1. It’s good though. Unfortunately day 2 of Airmed was notable for a complete absence of Russian designed helicopters. Fortunately […]Continue reading “Reports from Warsaw – The Wrap from AirMed Part 2 — The Collective”

New report on sexual harassment in Sciences & Medicine 2018

Impt release today by @theNASEM on sexual harassment in Sci, Eng,Med. For those in Med, #’s shouldn’t surprise.Harassment is rampant. Residencies described as “breeding grounds for abusive behavior” EM called out #medtoo @choo_ek @MDaware — Louis Jamtgaard, MD (@Lgaard) June 13, 2018

Happy International Women’s day 2018! #IWD2018

On the International Women’s Day, it’s important to say thank you to all the amazing women in this world for making this a better, more worthy place to live – through your strength, courage, character, kindness, integrity & love — ricky smyth (@Rickstertez) March 7, 2018

Critical Pharmacotherapy Updates for Prehospital Providers

Thanks for tweeting pearls from my talk: Critical Pharmacotherapy Updates for Prehospital Providers Full handout is here with links to all references: #FOAMed #FOAMtox #FOAMems — Bryan D. Hayes, PharmD (@PharmERToxGuy) February 8, 2018

Human factors in preventing complications in anaesthesia: a systematic review 2018

Our latest article on human factors published today @AintreeHospital @ClinicalHF Human factors in preventing complications in anaesthesia: a systematic review — Simon Mercer (@simonjudemercer) January 3, 2018

Happy Airway NEW YEAR in Sydney !

Cadaveric Airway Course in Sydney UTS January 18-19 still has a few open spots: … Its going to be a lot of larynx! Join faculty @airwaycam @HawkmoonHEMS @IanMeducator and Clare Hayes-Bradley — Richard Levitan (@airwaycam) November 23, 2017 Educational Cric tool. Incrementalized approach to save a life–use a knife. — Richard Levitan (@airwaycam)Continue reading “Happy Airway NEW YEAR in Sydney !”