We need your help! — Auckland HEMS

By Dr Chris Denny Auckland HEMS Medical Director . . Colleagues, 1. We are in the midst of prototyping our new clinical packs. And we need your help. Soon we will be flying in our AW169. . . 2. Click here for a refresher on usability testing – Auckland HEMS podcast . It is five […]Continue reading “We need your help! — Auckland HEMS”

Usability testing of new Auckland HEMS packs

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By Dr Chris Denny, Auckland HEMS Medical Director New packs for Auckland HEMS In the early days of Auckland HEMS, we loosely ‘bolted on’ our equipment to the existing paramedic gear. As time passed and we forged a strong collaborative relationship with our paramedic colleagues, the performance gap in our…

Auckland HEMS app under development

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In the last few days there has been talk on the twittersphere about retrieval apps. First mock-up – content required! Auckland HEMS is currently developing an app for use in our service. For the first iteration we have chosen a DIY web-based application (ibuildapp.com) to create the app. Examples of…