ANZCA Acute Pain management: Scientific Evidence 2015

@anzca Acute Pain Management: Scientific Evidence 2015 – Great read for anyone who Rx's pain #FOAMed #FOAMcc — Chris Edwards (@EMtraveller) December 29, 2015 // Kudos to ANZCA for publishing this excellent open access resource on acute pain management . It has a prehospital analgesia chapter that is a must read!

Unsung Hero award for Dr John Hinds

Posthumous “BBC Get Inspired” Unsung Hero award for ‘Flying Doctor’ John Hinds – The Irish News — Rod Cape (@rodcapeuk) December 17, 2015   Flying doctor’s family receive award — BBC News NI (@BBCNewsNI) December 17, 2015 Australian Motor Cycle News yearbook 2015. “Real Flying Doctors”. @DocJohnHinds — brian burns (@HawkmoonHEMS) DecemberContinue reading “Unsung Hero award for Dr John Hinds”

EMS podcast holiday listening goodness!

New Podcast: @paramedic_al talks Paramedic Registration @AusParamedics @EMSWorldNews — Word on the Street (@wotsukrobl) December 16, 2015 // Podcast Ep 5 – Community – @paramedic_al & the #EMSWolfpack @emscritcare #EMSNation #FOAMems — EMS Nation (@EMS_Nation) December 16, 2015 //

Youri Yordanov: Lessons learned from the November Paris attacks

Youri Yordanov: Lessons learned from the November Paris attacks. St.Emlyn’s #FOAMed — Saint Emlyn's (@stemlyns) December 4, 2015 //