Operating theatre nativity scene!

Operating theatre nativity scene by one of my truly brilliant ODPs who's not on here, so I can't tag him. Credit to Stu Gosling #theNHSrocks #teamanaesthesia #ChristmasEve pic.twitter.com/QqXM1gZJAI — KateP (@doctorwibble) December 24, 2017 ( Scene Done by Stuart Gosling. ODP at King’s College Hospital.)

A Christmas Fairytale

I put pen to paper to describe some of the realities (and unrealities) of Christmas on-call as a doctor. A dark wee tale to peruse & share if you get a moment over the next few days…#MH4Docs https://t.co/dt95ZuDAEn — Craig Mitchell (@Anaesthesia_AGB) December 21, 2017

EMS podcast holiday listening goodness!

New Podcast: @paramedic_al talks Paramedic Registration @AusParamedics @EMSWorldNews https://t.co/LqBMGjZaxr pic.twitter.com/YSTpMqzBp6 — Word on the Street (@wotsukrobl) December 16, 2015 //platform.twitter.com/widgets.js Podcast Ep 5 – Community – @paramedic_al & the #EMSWolfpack https://t.co/HJ7EUflf2T @emscritcare #EMSNation #FOAMems pic.twitter.com/9f7W9hKVCZ — EMS Nation (@EMS_Nation) December 16, 2015 //platform.twitter.com/widgets.js