The Death of DL or a slight over-exaggeration?

Have you listened to @DrJeffJarvis discuss why he only uses VL both in and out of the hospital? Listened now on our #FOAMed #podcast — Chip with TOTAL EM (@the_TOTAL_EM) September 28, 2016 // @DrJeffJarvis explains why he found King Vision the best VL and how it's better than DL in this #FOAMed #podcast… Continue Reading

EMS podcast holiday listening goodness!

New Podcast: @paramedic_al talks Paramedic Registration @AusParamedics @EMSWorldNews — Word on the Street (@wotsukrobl) December 16, 2015 // Podcast Ep 5 – Community – @paramedic_al & the #EMSWolfpack @emscritcare #EMSNation #FOAMems — EMS Nation (@EMS_Nation) December 16, 2015 //