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Cause we view the world in stereotypes #UGH

Is there sexism in medicine?

Letter to a young female physician

The brutal truth about medicine

Do patients do better with female docs?

ANZCA Acute Pain management: Scientific Evidence 2015


Kudos to ANZCA for publishing this excellent open access resource on acute pain management . It has a prehospital analgesia chapter that is a must read!

Macgyver Medicine is alive and well over Atlantic!


Bringing the ED to the patient!

Get some Cred, ClinicalCred!

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PHARM Podcast 66 : Patient preparation in retrieval medicine

Cliff Reid with my favourite talk of the conference: how to be a hero

Cliff Reid with my favourite talk of the conference: how to be a hero

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The interface between anaesthesia & emergency medicine

An anaesthetist’s perspective

Do not struggle against the patient

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PHARM Podcast 49 – Prehospital resuscitation and TOPCAT2 with Dr Richard Lyon

Dr Richard Lyon


Clinical Lecturer in Emergency Medicine & Pre-hospital Care Read more

PHARM Podcast 48 – Multinational PHARM panel discussion on emergency procedural sedation

Dr Alexander Sammel (@socalexmd)European-German working in Spain: ED & prehospital doctor. Opinions are personal. In love with medical education & my wonderful family… #FOAMed #GMEP #EMTOT

Dr Manrique Umana (@umanamd)Emergency Medicine Physician, Hosp. San Juan de Dios, San José, Costa Rica. Twitting in english and spanish. Personal views only. FOAMed addict

Dr Mattia Quarta (@squartadoc)ED physician. Ultrasound maniac. Thinking aloud into the void. Disturbing uni-eyebrow. Personal erratic views. #FOAMed

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