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Do patients do better with female docs?

ANZCA Acute Pain management: Scientific Evidence 2015


Kudos to ANZCA for publishing this excellent open access resource on acute pain management . It has a prehospital analgesia chapter that is a must read!

Macgyver Medicine is alive and well over Atlantic!


Bringing the ED to the patient!

Get some Cred, ClinicalCred!

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PHARM Podcast 66 : Patient preparation in retrieval medicine

Cliff Reid with my favourite talk of the conference: how to be a hero

Cliff Reid with my favourite talk of the conference: how to be a hero

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The interface between anaesthesia & emergency medicine

An anaesthetist’s perspective

Do not struggle against the patient

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PHARM Podcast 49 – Prehospital resuscitation and TOPCAT2 with Dr Richard Lyon

Dr Richard Lyon


Clinical Lecturer in Emergency Medicine & Pre-hospital Care Read more

PHARM Podcast 48 – Multinational PHARM panel discussion on emergency procedural sedation

Dr Alexander Sammel (@socalexmd)European-German working in Spain: ED & prehospital doctor. Opinions are personal. In love with medical education & my wonderful family… #FOAMed #GMEP #EMTOT

Dr Manrique Umana (@umanamd)Emergency Medicine Physician, Hosp. San Juan de Dios, San José, Costa Rica. Twitting in english and spanish. Personal views only. FOAMed addict

Dr Mattia Quarta (@squartadoc)ED physician. Ultrasound maniac. Thinking aloud into the void. Disturbing uni-eyebrow. Personal erratic views. #FOAMed

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PHARM Podcast 44 : Dr Peter Sherren on Retrieval medicine

Dr Sherren, on left of picture.

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PHARM on the farm!

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PHARM Podcast 33 : August 2012 EM and CC perspective with Amit and Matt

Amit Maini and Matthew MacPartlin for the August 2012 PHARM Australian perspective in EM and CC Read more

PHARM Podcast 32 : Dr Brian Burns and a pitlane DSI case

Brian and I do a quick case presentation on DSI and retrieval medicine human factors Read more