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Burnout is not a rite of passage

Beyond #CrazySocks4Docs

Beyond #CrazySocks4Docs

Beyond #CrazySocks4Docs
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PHARM Podcast 201 Ketamine for suicidal ideation

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Ketamine for suicidal patients

Listen to “Episode 8: Ketamine for Suicidal Patients” on Spreaker.

Burnout vs depression : ultimately not good

Are you burnt out ?

#CrazySocks4Docs day : never forget why we fight for each other

#CrazySocks4Docs : a conversation that needs to begin today & forever

Resilience may not lie within individuals but between them

Why Resilience is now a dirty word

The need for culture change in healthcare

Charity as a panacea for burnout

#CrazySocks4Docs “Often, failed to look after its own”

#CrazySocks4Docs ‘I think you have depression’

#CrazySocks4Docs Ian’s story