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We can help each other #MH4Docs

Forget Critical Care and Look after a Colleague in 2018!

Here’s a New Years resolution for you!

A colleague struggling? Dont walk away!

A Colleague clearly not coping? Dont look the other way this time!



You CAN make a difference even if it is only online! Be nice to each other at least! Dont throw colleagues under the bus! Call out others who do!

Doctors call for action to prevent suicide in medical profession

2017 NSW Health response to doctor suicides

Ketamine Sedation for Patients With Acute Behavioral Disturbance During Aeromedical Retrieval: A Retrospective Chart Review


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A death in the family

Are you ok?

PHARM Podcast 182 Prehospital Ketamine for Profound Agitation

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How a suicide taught this doctor a lesson

Suicidality : prevention, detection and intervention

On the Death of a Colleague

Have your say on Mandatory Reporting!

Every 40 seconds someone dies by suicide

How a 19th-century poem by Rudyard Kipling is helping men’s mental health