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Posts from the ‘mental-health’ Category

PHARM Podcast 209 Scarred healers

Self care talk in Chicago by Dr Tim Leeuwenburg, 2015

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The break is where the light shines through

I’ve never regretted asking


PHARM Podcast 203 Burnout

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What can we learn from shocking death of intensivist?

Save your breath about your burnout

Self definition

The role of government in taking care of mental health of first responders

Burnout is not a rite of passage

Beyond #CrazySocks4Docs

Beyond #CrazySocks4Docs

Beyond #CrazySocks4Docs
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PHARM Podcast 201 Ketamine for suicidal ideation

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Ketamine for suicidal patients

Listen to “Episode 8: Ketamine for Suicidal Patients” on Spreaker.

Burnout vs depression : ultimately not good

Are you burnt out ?