How a doctor’s suicide broke the silence – Conversations – ABC Radio

Gastroenterologist Andrew Bryant’s active, social and positive exterior gave no hint of the depression he was suffering. Days after his tragic death his wife Susan wrote an email making it clear she and her adult children were not ashamed of the way he died. It went viral (CW: suicide) — Read on

Time to cry and reflect. True story, not fictionalised

Doctors’ wellbeing: learning from Richard’s death … Dr Kate Harding writes in #MJAInSight … "Colleagues are hit hard by the loss of a doctor … to #suicide … remorse and guilt that I feel as Richard’s wife are felt by his friends & workmates too — MJA (@theMJA) May 13, 2018

Anesthesiologists Take Lead As Ketamine Clinics Proliferate

Anesthesiologists are opening private clinics for off-label infusions of ketamine for depression #anesthesianews — Anesthesiology News (@anesthesianews) December 3, 2015 //