Sex, Power and Vulnerability: Safeguarding on Expeditions — Adventure Medic

Katie Beck / Medical Coordination Manager and Nurse / Raleigh International Katie Beck is a Registered Nurse with a specialist interest in Emergency, Expedition and Travel Medicine. She has worked on a number of overseas expeditions and in remote environments, and is currently Medical Co-ordination Manager and Deputy for Safeguarding at Raleigh. In the second… viaContinue reading “Sex, Power and Vulnerability: Safeguarding on Expeditions — Adventure Medic”

New report on sexual harassment in Sciences & Medicine 2018

Impt release today by @theNASEM on sexual harassment in Sci, Eng,Med. For those in Med, #’s shouldn’t surprise.Harassment is rampant. Residencies described as “breeding grounds for abusive behavior” EM called out #medtoo @choo_ek @MDaware — Louis Jamtgaard, MD (@Lgaard) June 13, 2018

“a male attendee stood up and announced the incidence of sexual harassment was not statistically significant”

Perhaps hospitals are not the best place to teach ethical professionalism? — Minh Le Cong (@ketaminh) February 6, 2017 — CICM (@CICMANZ) January 29, 2017