“a male attendee stood up and announced the incidence of sexual harassment was not statistically significant”

Perhaps hospitals are not the best place to teach ethical professionalism?https://t.co/hT6chUP4b0 — Minh Le Cong (@ketaminh) February 6, 2017 https://t.co/NGRdGcBvk0 — CICM (@CICMANZ) January 29, 2017

12. Bullying, Threats & Intimidation — patientsafe

If patient safety is to improve healthcare needs to change. The historical top down approach which has hindered improvement requires a transition into one where decisions are driven from the front line. Those corporations who’ve introduced front line driven frameworks (e.g. Toyota Production System – see here) provide the highest quality in the most efficientContinue reading “12. Bullying, Threats & Intimidation — patientsafe”


IS THIS STILL HAPPENING? The BMJ published a quantitative study reviewing medical student teaching experiences. Thankfully there were many examples of positive role models and effective and approachable teachers providing guidance and support. Alarmingly, there were also reports of teaching by humiliation and a hierarchical and competitive atmosphere, particularly during clinical training years. No one… viaContinue reading “TEACHING BY HUMILIATION AND BELITTLEMENT. — C-Foam”