The logistics of neonatal air transport | AirMed&Rescue

Dr Carlo Bellini, Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Genoa, addresses the logistical aspects of long-distance neonatal air transport, which he argues are the greater challenge over medical proficiency — Read on

Neonatal Retrieval by Dr Trish Woods This talk was recorded live at DFTB17 in Brisbane. We’ve got plenty more where this one came from so keep on checking in with us every week. If you think you’ve got the chops to pull it off next year then get in touch with us Trish Woods is a consultant neonatologist working in…Continue reading “Neonatal Retrieval by Dr Trish Woods”

Neonatal retrieval

When I’m not working in the emergency department, playing with my children or doing DFTB ‘stuff’ I work for the state retrieval service. As the name Adult Retrieval Victoria implies I spend my time moving and coordinating the movement of critically ill or injured adults around the state. There is a dearth of retrieval textbooks… viaContinue reading “Neonatal retrieval”

What Will You Do With This Tiny Person? — Songs or Stories

Not that long ago, Dr Andrew Weatherall had the job of facilitating a discussion about neonatal anaesthesia at the annual Society of Paediatric Anaesthetists of New Zealand and Australia conference. About 15 people were there and this is a best effort at trying to collate the things those clever people said. Let’s start with the […]Continue reading “What Will You Do With This Tiny Person? — Songs or Stories”