Anaesthetics Anonymous – human in the team

WATCH: "Anaesthetics Anonymous – human in the team" – A presentation by @patientsafe3 at #ASM18SYD on #patientsafety #adverseevents #theatrecapchallenge #anaesthesia #FOAMed #FOAMgas — ANZCA (@ANZCA) May 10, 2018 THANKS FOAMED!

Help protect UK NHS Whistleblowers!

Improving protections for NHS whistleblowers who go to the media . PLease support this case as its yet another example of UK bureaucracy throwing another doctor under the bus to protect their own skins via @CrowdJustice — Minh Le Cong (@ketaminh) April 7, 2018

hospital gas pipeline mix up causes more deaths

More deaths have occurred because of accidental hospital gas pipeline cross-overs. (To read about cases see here). In Australia, 2016 was marred with the events which occurred at Bankstown Hospital (see here). NSW Health should be commended on the publication of their recommendations following the tragedy. It is useful to identify those involved, the […] via… Continue Reading

9. Dispersion — patientsafe

‘Over the last few years NSW Health have received numerous reports of death and morbidity from central line related air emboli’. This statement in itself is a ‘call to action’. ‘Why don’t we know about this already, how is it happening, what’s already been done and what can we do to stop this’. (see here) […]… Continue Reading

8. Complexity — patientsafe

Recently a tragic mix up where oxygen tubing was connected to a urinary catheter resulted in the death of ex-Socceroo Steve Herczeg (see here). ‘How can anyone make this mistake?’ Unfortunately events like this occur regularly – we often only here of them via the media – our error report systems lacking transparency (see here). […]… Continue Reading