9. Dispersion — patientsafe

‘Over the last few years NSW Health have received numerous reports of death and morbidity from central line related air emboli’. This statement in itself is a ‘call to action’. ‘Why don’t we know about this already, how is it happening, what’s already been done and what can we do to stop this’. (see here) […]Continue reading “9. Dispersion — patientsafe”

Lining It All Up — Songs or Stories

It’s been a while since a collected tips and tricks post. Previously we’ve had posts on cannulation, bag-mask technique and laryngoscopy. Time to get back to vessels and some odds and ends on central lines. Anaesthetists are skilled at many things. Airways. Making scrubs look fashionable. Or deliberately unfashionable. Even making small talk. Sometimes withoutContinue reading “Lining It All Up — Songs or Stories”