Flight Nurse Fleur from Mount Isa

Flight Nurse, Fleur is just 1 of many women impacting Aussie lives with the #RFDS https://t.co/3y0jGgLyEs #InternationalWomensDay #IWD2017 pic.twitter.com/1FP2IpSgwD — Royal Flying Doctor (@RoyalFlyingDoc) March 8, 2017

JellyBean 032 with Ashley Liebig

Fear, Flight, Fight. Ashley Liebig is a Screaming Eagle. So at SMACC Chicago you had a 101st Airborne Division Medic talking about feelings. SMACC Star Ashley Liebig, now a Texan Flight Nurse rocked one of the Pre-SMACC US Workshops with a difficult subject, talking about dealing with critical events as a human inside a big…… Continue Reading