Brian Burns – Always carry your scalpel

Originally posted on Auckland HEMS:
Have we been waiting for this! Courtesy of The Intensive Care Network – here is Dr Brian Burns (Greater Sydney Area HEMS) speaking at SMACC 2013 on prehospital procedures… Click HERE for the audio (right click to open this in a new tab) Accompanying slides below:

Brian Burns: Trauma before and beyond the hospital – from SMACC 2013

Originally posted on Auckland HEMS:
From the SMACC 2013 conference – this podcast is Dr Brian Burns (Greater Sydney Area HEMS) speaking about managing trauma patients in extremis and in extreme conditions Click HERE for the podcast (right click to save) Accompanying slides: BRIAN BURNS: TRAUMA BEFORE + BEYOND THE HOSPITAL from oliflower Click here for…

PHARM Podcast 009 – Prehospital airway literature updates with Dr Brian Burns

Hi folks! On this podcast I interview Dr Brian Burns, Emergency Physician and Retrieval Specialist with Greater Sydney Area  HEMS service, Sydney, Australia. He is the director of clinical research for his service so knows a thing or two about clinical studies!